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The Importance of Frequency Management


A very effective approach to solve the ad fatigue problem is frequency management. Knowing when and with what frequency to show the ad proves to be an important factor in running a successful app marketing campaign. With frequency capping, you can limit the maximum number of impressions a user can see within a given period of time.

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Industry Hot Topics, Challenges, Predictions by Sid Bhatt


Aarki’s CEO has taken part in the series of interviews featured by MoPub (the leading in-app mobile programmatic exchange, owned by Twitter) and shared his thoughts on hot topics and trends.

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Dynamic Creative Optimization Set for Mobile Adoption


Source: AppsFlyer

If you haven’t heard about the latest acronym drawing increased attention in the mobile advertising space, now would be a good time to surface it. I’m talking about DCO, or Dynamic Creative Optimization, and its role in the mobile programmatic marketplace. DCO has been around for quite a while on desktop, but mush less so on mobile. With improved HTML5 rich media and multivariate testing capabilities, this reality is changing.

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Successful User Acquisition Strategies for Puzzle Games

Puzzle games have proved that very simple repetitive mechanics can be hugely profitable. A search for “puzzle” games in the App Store reveals over 2,000 results with the likes of Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga at the top. Due to the immense popularity enjoyed by this genre, puzzle games have gone mainstream.

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An outsider’s guide to programmatic in China

By Ronen Mense, VP of Asia at AppsFlyer
First published on
The Drum

In China, programmatic is growing at an impressive pace. The country’s huge population seems to have an insatiable appetite for consumerism. This drives demand from advertisers to give consumers access to their products and services via digital advertising.

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How You Can Win Users with Rewarded Video


Mobile advertising continues to be a fluid industry with evolving ad formats. The top performance driven ad formats on mobile are rich media and video. Along with Native, Rewarded Video is the fastest growing ad format in programmatic advertising.

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adjust and 12 Leading Ad Networks Partner to Fight Mobile Ad Fraud

Source: adjust


At a summit for mobile ad network and app marketing platform leaders in Berlin, Adjust announced a lineup of 12 networks and app marketing platforms that have come together with the common purpose of fighting mobile ad fraud. This partnership has been officially undersigned by Aarki, Chartboost, ClicksMob, Criteo, crobo, Glispa, IronSource, Jampp, Remerge, Startapp, Tapjoy and Vungle.

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How To Keep Your App Users Engaged With App Marketing Tips

Acquiring high LTV users is a big challenge but retaining and keeping them engaged is another. In fact, many apps are failing to maintain user’s interests and keeping them engaged for a long duration. A study from eMarketer reveals, “only 24% to 29% of iOS users who installed an app used it again within 24 hours of their first app session.” So, with all the efforts you put in acquiring new users, it’s crucial to have a plan in keeping them engaged. App marketing offers several strategies like user segmentation and re-engagement ads for maximizing the user value. Let’s review two tactics that are beneficial to app marketers.

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Programmatic Predictions for 2017: How Mobile Industry Will Shape Out

2016 has been an exciting year for the mobile industry. We have seen major shifts from the usual CPI campaigns to programmatic buying. With volume and ROI in focus, app marketers are beginning to notice the impact of higher LTV and ROI from programmatic campaigns. A solution that unifies data, creative, and technology will deliver the best results. So, what do we look forward to in the coming year?

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Mobile App Marketing Strategies: Then vs. Now

The mobile advertising industry has matured over the past few years. We can look at its brief history in three main stages. Let’s take a deeper dive into the evolution of mobile app marketing to understand today’s current strategies.

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