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Mobile Marketer Best Practices: Taking Advantage of In-App Ad Formats

Source: MoPub
By Michael Borgmann, Programmatic Demand Lead at Twitter

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What’s the Buzz Around Audience Optimization?


Source: AppsFlyer
By Danielle Nissan, Product Marketer at AppsFlyer

A basic audience strategy is simply not enough in today’s complex, highly competitive landscape. Users have become accustomed to receiving hyper personalized messaging relevant to their user journey, on the fly and in real time. If you don’t have a cross-platform and cross-device targeting strategy, you’re either missing out on sales or leaving money on the table, and who can afford to do that? And not using an advanced platform for measurement and attribution is a serious hindrance to your marketing efforts. But, don’t worry, we got you covered.

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Answering Your Top Mobile App User Acquisition Questions

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Improve Your Real-Time Bidding and Mobile Retargeting with Aarki and mParticle


Source: mParticle 
By Abril McCloud, Director of Content at mParticle

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Aarki Exceeds ROI Goals by over 800% With Chartboost

Source: Chartboost

Aarki collaborated with Chartboost, one of the largest mobile games-based growth and ad monetization platforms, to publish a case study showing superior campaign results for a casual gaming app. 

By leveraging Chartboost's large user base of mobile gamers and high-quality inventory, Aarki was able to outperform the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the retargeting campaign. 

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Aarki Announces Integration with Narrative


Data analytics and data management platforms have revolutionized the mobile advertising industry, allowing app marketers to deliver highly targeted messaging to their prospective users.

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Sharing Audience Segments with Aarki via mParticle

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With the rapid development of more advanced targeting capabilities for mobile programmatic media buying, marketers are now able to target users on an even more granular level. And thanks to the adoption of different strategies for audience segmentation, it’s now easier for marketers to reach more targeted users through their app marketing campaigns.  

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Aarki Announces Cost Integration with AppsFlyer


Aarki announces its cost integration with AppsFlyer to bring campaign transparency to the next level. Marketers should have complete visibility and control over their campaigns in real-time and in a single dashboard with all the necessary information for calculating return on investment (ROI).

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Aarki Announces Integration with Appsumer

aarki-appsumer-3 (1)

Aarki announces its integration with Appsumer, a unified analytics platform, empowering marketers to make data-driven decisions on a daily basis.

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CAAF Spotlight: How Aarki works to fight fraud


With the aim of creating a more transparent mobile ecosystem where marketers pay only for the ads that are verified and drive real value, Aarki is investing in fraud detection and protection initiatives such as joining Adjust’s Coalition Against Ad Fraud (CAAF). Aarki’s VP of Product, Nicol Cseko, spoke to Adjust about ad fraud and our membership in CAAF.

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