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Reigning in Data for Creative Optimization. Part 2: Organize, Iterate and Challenge

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We continue the blog series by our creative director Noel Perlas that we believe will give you a clear understanding on how Aarki understands the importance of creatives in mobile app marketing. In Part 1 of the blog series we discussed broadly how our process works in optimization of creatives. In Part 2, we will dive into the details of how our creative team tests and optimizes creatives.

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Reigning in Data for Creative Optimization. Part 1: The Process of Setting up Creatives

creative_optimization_part_1.pngIn today’s digital world, ads are everywhere. Using the right creative is crucial for running a successful app marketing campaign. In fact, creatives can make or break your campaign. If they are catchy, relevant and based on the user experience, they will grab the user's attention and drive installs. Otherwise, they will most likely get ignored by the users, together with all the other ads they see every day.  

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