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The Evolution of Mobile App Marketing Part 3: Lookalike Audience Targeting & Bespoke Segments


The mobile app marketing industry has matured immensely over the past years. As discussed in part 1 and part 2 of this blog series, the industry has shifted focus from ad clicks to installs and post-install events. Now, many app marketers have also been testing new strategies such as cross-promotion and re-engagement. However, as this industry evolves, so does advertising technology. This evolution enables app marketers to leverage advanced technology for new strategies.

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Why Quality Matters Over Quantity When It Comes to Mobile App Users

In the early days of the mobile apps phenomenon, the number one goal for most app marketers was to acquire as many users as possible. The more users they can get, the higher their apps rose in rank in the Apple iOS or Google Play app store’s’ charts. In turn, the visibility that the top chart apps get leads to a significant organic lift of installs. However, as the mobile industry continues to mature - many app marketers’ focus have also shifted. From focusing on just the quantity of users, app marketers are also focusing on the quality of those users as well. If you are an app marketer and have not already shifted your strategy to target quality users, now is the time to do so.

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Programmatic Advertising: Re-engaging Users Through Mobile Retargeting

Back in the early days, app marketers’ biggest challenge was getting users to install their apps. Today, app install is still one of the most common key performance indicators (KPI) in an app marketing campaign. However, as the mobile app industry continues to mature, app marketers are faced with an even bigger challenge.

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