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Creative Best Practices for Banner Ads

Banner samples

Bigger does not necessarily mean better. An ad format that takes up a big portion of the mobile screen may be easier to notice but may be viewed as simply intrusive. A banner ad, which is the cheapest mobile ad format with the lowest cost per mille (CPM), may yield better conversions and overall campaign performance when well-executed, despite its small size. Read on to learn how to creatively work your way around banner ads.

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Trying Innovative Approaches & New Strategies to Creative


In any business, one of the most basic dilemmas is the trade-off between the exploration of new possibilities and the exploitation of old certainties. And so it is in mobile advertising. Mobile marketers are often torn between trying different ad creative approaches to explore the best ways to achieve their campaign goals, or sticking with accustomed tactics.

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Branding Campaign Strategy


An effective app marketing campaign always begins with a solid strategy. Whether your goal is to raise brand awareness, drive more installs, or retain high lifetime value users, it pays to step up your branding game.

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