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The holidays are fast approaching and the season of giving continues to put us all in good spirits. With the festivities just around the corner, one thing is clear - consumer spending is as high as ever! According to a consumer holiday report by OpenX, consumers are feeling overly optimistic about the future, with more than 70% feeling confident the economy will improve. Their optimism is fueling a growth in holiday spending, which is anticipated to grow by 5% year-over-year, including significant growth in digital shopping. 

Preparing Your Ad Budget for the Holiday Season


The global gaming market is forecasted to be worth $152 billion by the end of the year. Of that, $68.5 billion or almost half of the gaming market share is attributed to mobile gaming. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, since 74% of consumer spending comes from mobile games. Let’s look into a gaming category that has been winning the hearts of gamers all over the world: simulation games.

Creative Insights to Elevate your Simulation Game