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Flashy vs Simple Ad Performance

Flashy Vs Simple 1 (1)

Mobile advertising has come a long way since simple banner ads on mobile screens. With the latest creative strategies that aim to enhance the user experience, mobile ads have become more relevant to the audience's expectations. 

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Strategies for Creative Iteration


Audience preferences are constantly changing. The more users are swamped with digital content, the more their expectations increase when choosing brands to engage with. Mobile marketers are constantly challenged to fully understand, test, and optimize creative ads to ensure that targeted users see the best possible variant. Champion/challenger testing is a proven method that allows marketers to target users with ads that align with their interests.

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Rewarded vs. Non-Rewarded Video Ads: Which Will Come Out On Top?

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Mobile video ads are here to stay and will continue to be a significant audience engagement strategy. There are currently 2.7 billion smartphone users in the world, and 187 million of those are mobile video viewers in the US alone. Even with those immense numbers, it’s still important to cater to your audiences’ preferences. User behavior shows that rewarded ad content, such as videos, are becoming a preference, according to 75% of consumers.

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Benefiting from Creative Personalization: User-Level Attribute

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There have been many recent advancements in targeting capabilities, opening marketers to a new set of creative possibilities. Gone are the days when knowing only the demographics of your target audiences was enough to show them relevant creative ads. Users have become more demanding and ad creatives need granular-level personalization to be successful.

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Avoiding Ad Fatigue with Meta Creatives


The possibilities for creative concepts are endless. With so many techiques to focus on, including audience segmentation, real-world events, app updates, current news, and trends, ad fatigue is certainly avoidable. Strategic and imaginative ads are the key to winning audiences’ attention. One creative concept that can benefit your campaigns is meta ads.

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Growth Factors of Programmatic Advertising in South Korea


Mobile is driving programmatic advertising growth worldwide. While North America is still by far the biggest programmatic market to date, making up 58% of global spend, Asia’s rapid growth rates mean it’s quickly catching up. In this article, we’ll focus on South Korea, one of the most important app markets in the world. Let’s take an in-depth look at the country’s growing programmatic market.  

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Acquiring high LTV users for Entertainment Apps

Entertainment apps are the fifth most popular mobile app category in the Apple App Store as of May 2019. Revenue for iOS entertainment apps alone is projected to increase by a whopping 235% by 2023, according to a report by Sensor Tower. The biggest growth regions are Asia, which is predicted to hit $4 billion in revenue, and North American with $2.5 billion. This signals an opportunity for established entertainment apps to tap into new markets and for growing apps to increase audience awareness through programmatic advertising.

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Comparing Ad Format Performance of Gaming Apps


There are more than 800,000 gaming apps available at the two major mobile app stores. But the average smartphone user only has about 80 apps installed on their phone, and only roughly one-half of the apps are used each month. The good news: you can increase your app’s chance of being installed and used regularly by making your ads engaging. And an essential step is choosing the right ad format.

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Appeal to Emotions


Emotions form connections. In advertising, emotions can help humanize an ad’s message, which leads to more chances of resonating with viewers. Ads that appeal to emotions focus more on feelings of characters and strong imagery rather than providing a logical reason to believe the ad’s claim.

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Dating in the Digital Age


Aspiring daters are open to making connections digitally, providing dating app advertisers with more reach. This is a continually-growing market that dating app advertisers can use to their advantage.

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