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How to Use App Analytics to Identify Your Ideal Target Customer

Source: TUNE
By Jessica Biber
Mobile marketers have long struggled with monetizing mobile apps. While mobile apps are an enticing opportunity140 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store alone as of 2016—there are serious challenges that marketers need to keep in mind:
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Industry Hot Topics, Challenges, Predictions by Sid Bhatt


Aarki’s CEO has taken part in the series of interviews featured by MoPub (the leading in-app mobile programmatic exchange, owned by Twitter) and shared his thoughts on hot topics and trends.

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Dynamic Creative Optimization Set for Mobile Adoption


Source: AppsFlyer

If you haven’t heard about the latest acronym drawing increased attention in the mobile advertising space, now would be a good time to surface it. I’m talking about DCO, or Dynamic Creative Optimization, and its role in the mobile programmatic marketplace. DCO has been around for quite a while on desktop, but mush less so on mobile. With improved HTML5 rich media and multivariate testing capabilities, this reality is changing.

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An outsider’s guide to programmatic in China

By Ronen Mense, VP of Asia at AppsFlyer
First published on
The Drum

In China, programmatic is growing at an impressive pace. The country’s huge population seems to have an insatiable appetite for consumerism. This drives demand from advertisers to give consumers access to their products and services via digital advertising.

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adjust and 12 Leading Ad Networks Partner to Fight Mobile Ad Fraud

Source: adjust


At a summit for mobile ad network and app marketing platform leaders in Berlin, Adjust announced a lineup of 12 networks and app marketing platforms that have come together with the common purpose of fighting mobile ad fraud. This partnership has been officially undersigned by Aarki, Chartboost, ClicksMob, Criteo, crobo, Glispa, IronSource, Jampp, Remerge, Startapp, Tapjoy and Vungle.

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(Kochava) Three Ways to Increase Your Audience Reach with the Kochava Collective

Source: Kochava

The odds are certainly against apps, especially new ones, when it comes to app store ranking. The app stores are flooded with apps (2.2 million for Android). Having a good app store ranking depends on the number of new users of your app, but getting in-app ads and apps into the right hands is a convoluted game with lots of players. You need to know your audience and where to find them among the networks.

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Improving Quality of Mobile App Traffic Through Fraud Prevention


As programmatic advertising spend continues to skyrocket in recent years, fraud quickly became one of the top concerns for mobile app advertisers who conduct media-buying programmatically. In part 1 of this 2-part blog series, some of the common sources of errors that led to ad fraud are explained and ways advertisers can tell they are being affected by ad fraud are addressed. In this part, adjust discusses the repercussion of ad fraud and how advertisers can prevent it from degrading mobile app traffic quality will be discussed.

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(Apsalar) How Mobile App Measurement Reflects The New Era Of App Marketing

Source: Apsalar


Mobile app marketing has come a long way since its early days. As the industry matures, new trends emerge. Today, app marketers may be focusing on different metrics to measure success than they were a few years ago. For more insights into the changes, we've partnered up with Apsalar to provide more clarity into the new trends.

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(Apsalar) Using Data-Driven Marketing To Grow Travel Apps Part 4

Source: Apsalar

As mobile technology continues to advance, more people begin to do things on their mobile devices instead of in-person or on their desktops. Travel bookings and logistics are no exception as evident in the recent popularity of travel mobile apps. That's why we've partnered with Apsalar to provide travel mobile app developers with tips on how to leverage data for app marketing and stand out from competitors. 

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(Apsalar) Using Data-Driven Marketing To Grow Travel Apps Part 3

Source: Apsalar

It's difficult to stand out amongst hundreds or thousands of travel mobile apps in the app stores. For this reason, we've teamed up with Apsalar for a 4-part series to provide travel app developers with insights on how they can leverage their data to grow their apps.


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