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Answering Your Top Mobile App User Acquisition Questions

Guest Blog 02

Source: InMobi
By Matt Kaplan, Content Strategist at InMobi

Do you have a lot of questions about mobile app user acquisition? Then you’ve come to the right place. This guide is for all mobile app marketing professionals and app developers looking to launch a successful app (in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store), acquire users at scale while keeping acquisition costs minimized and launch a successful, sustainable app-led business. Learn more.Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions asked by mobile marketers on Quora and provided our answers on how they can differentiate themselves from the millions of apps they’re likely competing against.
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Improve Your Real-Time Bidding and Mobile Retargeting with Aarki and mParticle


Source: mParticle 
By Abril McCloud, Director of Content at mParticle

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Aarki Exceeds ROI Goals by over 800% With Chartboost

Source: Chartboost

Aarki collaborated with Chartboost, one of the largest mobile games-based growth and ad monetization platforms, to publish a case study showing superior campaign results for a casual gaming app. 

By leveraging Chartboost's large user base of mobile gamers and high-quality inventory, Aarki was able to outperform the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the retargeting campaign. 

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(Chartboost) Fighting Ad Fraud: Jampp & Aarki Discuss the Future of Transparent Programmatic

Source: Chartboost

The programmatic landscape is constantly adapting to new ad tech needs and requirements. As programmatic buying has continued to introduce more complexities, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has tasked itself with designing “new procedures to bring more clarity to the byzantine digital ad-supply chain”. This new protocol is actively being developed within the IAB, which is accepting public comments until December 15, 2017.

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Retargeting vs New User Acquisition: A Report from Adjust

Source: Adjust
By James Haslam, Content Manager

Recently, Adjust released a report detailing differences of user behavior between retargeted users, and those newly acquired. With Aarki, we’re below publishing an excerpt of the article. If you’d like to read more, you can find the whole article here.

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AdColony Partner Spotlight: Aarki


Source: AdColony

Programmatic continues to push mobile advertising forward toward new efficiencies enabling better results for advertisers and developers alike. Helping AdColony push the programmatic envelope is Aarki, one of the premiere DSPs in the mobile marketplace, with a unique creative management toolset. Like us, Aarki is focused on the highest quality creative and making sure excellent user experiences go hand-in-hand with the programmatic marketplace.

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(Chartboost) From Switzerland to the Philippines: Top Surprising Countries for Mobile ROI

Source: Chartboost
By Pepe Agell, VP of Corporate Strategy at Chartboost

The first sponsored ad on mobile was created by a Finnish news provider in 2000, sending news headlines through SMS. From those humble beginnings seventeen years ago, mobile ads are now a $101 billion market, accounting for 60% of all digital ad spend.

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(Adjust) Announcing CAAF: The Coalition Against Ad Fraud

Source: Adjust

We’re continuing to take the fight to mobile ad fraud with a new anti-fraud alliance known as the Coalition Against Ad Fraud, or CAAF.

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(MoPub) Rewarded Video Ads Drive Performance For Social Casino Advertiser

Source: MoPub

Aarki, a DSP focused on mobile app marketing, worked with a social casino app advertiser looking to achieve a positive ROI through a lower CPI (cost per install) at scale.

Aarki found that the engaging, user-friendly nature of rewarded video ads enabled them to drive success for these key objectives and meet the advertiser’s ROI goal. The advertiser also saw higher engagement rates from rewarded video compared to their 30-second skippable video ads. As a result, the advertiser doubled their rewarded video ad spend month-over-month. 

Read the case study below to learn more.

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The Value of Real-Time Segmented Lists for Targeted Campaigns

Source: mParticle
By Shana Pilewski

Marketers talk all the time about data being a core “asset” for their organization but rarely treat it as such. This is particularly true when it comes to valuing real-time customer data.

Most investments are time dependent. If marketers want to produce high-yielding results for their targeted campaigns, they need to understand how speed-to-market impacts the value of their data.

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