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Successful User Acquisition Strategies for Puzzle Games

Puzzle games have proved that very simple repetitive mechanics can be hugely profitable. A search for “puzzle” games in the App Store reveals over 2,000 results with the likes of Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga at the top. Due to the immense popularity enjoyed by this genre, puzzle games have gone mainstream.

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Understanding Two Different Retargeting Strategies: Cross-Promotion & Re-engagement

The mobile app marketing industry has made some incredible advancements since its early years. At first, app marketers were only paying for the ad clicks. Then the focus shifted to the installs that were being generated. Now app marketers have bigger challenges: Engaging and retaining users with high lifetime value (LTV). Thus, many have began to optimize their app marketing campaigns around retargeting concept with its two key strategies being cross-promotion and re-engagement.

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The Evolution of Mobile App Marketing Part 2: Cross-Promotion & Re-engagement


The mobile app marketing industry has undergone quite a few changes since its early days. As discussed in part 1 of this blog series, the industry began with the focus on clicks then moved to optimizing for installs and post-install events. Today, app install is still one of the most common key performance indicators (KPI) in an app marketing campaign. However, as the mobile app industry continues to mature, app marketers are starting to realize that acquiring high lifetime value (LTV) users is the key to success. Thus, many have began to optimize their app marketing campaigns for high LTV users.

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