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Mobile games continue to dominate the gaming industry - now accounting for 51% of global revenues. According to TechCrunch, consumer spend in apps will reach 60% market share by the end of 2019. Popular real-time strategy and shooter games are major drivers of this increase, but other types of games are also contributing. Hyper-casual is a newer game genre, and one that’s seeing healthy growth.

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Programmatic advertising continues to progress globally. In 2019, around 65% of global digital ad spend is expected to be traded programmatically, and advertisers will spend $84 billion on programmatic worldwide. The US market continues to be the front-runner in global programmatic ad spending, with $40.6 billion spent during the previous year. Second is China, which spent significantly less: $7.9 billion. But that figure doesn’t tell the entire story of China’s development as a programmatic market. 

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