Read thought provoking articles on the use of machine learning for improving mobile app marketing performance.

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Using Machine Learning to Predict Campaign Performance

Wouldn’t it be great if we could predict the performance of our next mobile app marketing campaign even before it starts?

More importantly, it would definitely be useful if we could identify the key aspects of a campaign that are most likely to drive its performance.

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Post-Install Optimization of App Marketing Campaigns

Most app marketing campaigns are focused on driving a large volume of app installs at the lowest possible cost. While this may be a good initial strategy, it must give way to more downstream focused strategies as the campaign matures. More savvy app advertisers are increasingly recognizing the folly of an install-focused approach and are instead exploring mechanisms for optimization of post-install events.

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Predicting Ad Click-Through Rate: Strategies For Incorporating State Dependence and Random Effects


Igor Raush
Software Engineer

The success of a mobile ad is determined by its ability to drive audience action -- typically measured by the click-through rate (CTR). Accurate prediction of CTR resulting from campaign actions is critical to the success of any mobile app advertising campaign.

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Celebrity Endorsement in Mobile App Marketing: Part 2

Celebrity endorsement might seem like a quick way of expanding the user base of your mobile app. But is it really worth it?

We recently had the opportunity to examine this question on a long running campaign for one of our gaming clients.

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Celebrity Endorsement in Mobile App Marketing: Part 1

Having a familiar face endorse your product is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create brand awareness. Besides getting recognition, the product (and your brand) also gain credibility.
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Impact of Creative Optimization on Campaign ROI

Every mobile app is unique. It is designed to satisfy its user’s needs in a way that is better than all other apps. And yet, some apps boast of a healthy ecosystem of hundreds of millions of users while others can barely get off the ground. What makes one app achieve user glory while another app falters?

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A Case for Multivariate Creative Optimization

For a long time, creative has been the holy grail of advertising. Something that is a pure art and cannot be quantified or optimized. Even with the proliferation of digital media and cheap computational power, optimization was something that was done after the ad creative was finalized. But this basic premise is being increasingly challenged.

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Celebrating Creative with a July Doodle

aarkidoodlewhite_1Inspired by Google’s daily doodles, we have created a fun version of the Aarki logo to showcase our passion for the creative.

In this month's doodle, our talented designer Miki Kimura, was inspired by her favorite flower, the cherry blossom. The cherry blossom is a delicate flower, it doesn't bloom for long, so it's quite special to see one. To Miki, it is a constant reminder of renewal and the beauty of life.


Consider this your monthly reminder from Aarki – don't forget about the creative. Read our latest white paper on improving using local ad creative techniques in your next mobile advertisement.

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Top 2014 Advertising Trends for Publishers

In anticipation of the Digital Publishers Summit next week, I wanted to reflect back on top trends in 2014 and make some predictions on where publishers will be shifting their focus in the new year.

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Designer Tip #4: Using local advertising to help drive up ROI of holiday ads

This weekend, the U.S. will kick-off the holiday shopping season with Black Friday. Too many hours of planning, approvals and mocks have preceded this very important weekend for numerous creative teams. Smart marketers understand there is still much more work to be done, the best digital campaigns bank as much on real-time optimization as they do on pre-work. Here are five proven ideas that can help you (or your marketing team) optimize your holiday ads and connect online advertising to offline sales.

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