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Predicting Lift with PSA Test Campaign

controlgroups-1 (2)

Measuring campaign performance is essential to track your distance from your marketing goals. As such, the ability to quickly analyze the impact of your campaign strategies on audience conversion should be given emphasis. Check out our infographic below to learn how running a PSA test campaign helps you achieve optimum campaign performance. 

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Creative Groups for Retargeting Success

cg_2 (1)

The new year presents a wide range of opportunities and challenges for mobile app marketers. According to a report by AppsFlyer, global app install ad spend is predicted to reach $64.1 billion by 2020. This means that launching and growing a mobile app requires powerful marketing campaigns. How advertisers can keep up depends on how well they are able to give their users exactly what they want at the right moment. Read on to learn how creative groups can help achieve optimum campaign performance.

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The Impact of Localization on Your App Marketing Campaign

localization-2 (1)

Geo location is one way for app marketers to tailor-fit their campaigns. It enables ads to have multiple language variants based on the main language spoken at a particular geo. When we talk about tailor-fitting the ads, it’s not just about translating the ad to different languages. One of the most important things to consider when engaging with the target audience is their cultural preferences.

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How to Leverage Programmatic for Your Retargeting Needs. Part 2: Creative Strategies


Creative is the first thing users notice in an ad. Whether or not users will remember your ad message and take action greatly depends on how well they can relate to the creative. The right ad creative targeted to the right segment can make your app marketing campaign a hit. On the other hand, app marketers can lose huge opportunities with incorrect creative. Here we continue our blog series with the aim to give a clear understanding of how to leverage programmatic for your retargeting needs. In Part 1 of this blog series, we discussed how you can define segments in order to target users more precisely and reach those who are likely to have high lifetime value. Part 2 aims to zoom in on the best creative strategies for a shopping app per given segment.

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Have You Optimized Your Ads for the Holiday Season?


With U.S. online spending during the holiday shopping season expected to grow 14.8 % this year to reach $124.1 billion, far surpassing the 2.7% growth forecasted for brick-and-mortar locations, retailers need to both expand their ability to serve more consumers and position themselves to grab a larger slice of the holiday pie.

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Discovering the Best Performing Display Ad


Display ads have the potential to increase brand awareness and return on investment (ROI) by serving users relevant ads, engaging with them, and making them realize the app’s value. For these things to happen, it is important to note that having a user-centered approach to the conceptualization of the ad is a must. Read on to find out what makes a display ad perform successfully and how you can ensure that your display ads help you hit your key performance indicators (KPIs) the best way possible.

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Easy Site Category Targeting in Aarki DSP

Category Targeting_EDIT2_new branding (1)

The mobile programmatic industry has seen a lot of advancements in technology and targeting strategies in recent years. To keep up with the dynamically evolving market and to improve our product, we continuously make usability updates in Aarki DSP.

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Creative Ideation for Refreshes

creative-ideation-2 (3)

Serving the same ad over and over again will eventually create ad fatigue no matter how good the ad is performing. As ad fatigue decreases click-through rates (CTR) and return on investment (ROI), it is important to know when to refresh your ad creative. Creative refresh, or the process of offering a new creative strategy to catch users’ attention, allows a mobile app to have higher conversion rates and better marketing performance.

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5 Best Creative Practices for App Retargeting


With limited mobile storage space and millions of apps that users can choose from, the challenge of making your app stand out is ever present. It is one thing to get a user to download an app, and another to keep them engaged. So how can you face the challenge and keep your users engaged? The answer is having the right creative and retargeting strategy.

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Creative Analysis: The Impact of Optimizing Ad Elements on Campaign Performance


Calculating the top performing ad—the “champion”—is easier if the best ad elements are determined. In order to show the impact of a single element on the campaign’s performance, we analyzed a programmatic advertising campaign for a casual game app over a period of two months. The objective of the case study was to find out which variant for a specific ad element would outperform the others.

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