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Champion/Challenger Multivariate Testing


The role of the ad creative in running mobile advertising campaigns cannot be overlooked. With the mission to keep creativity at the core of advertising, Aarki is sharing its knowledge and experiences to show how the right ad with the right creative can bring you high LTV users. Here are some of the processes that Aarki’s creative team undertakes for campaigns:

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Creative that Engages: Playable and HTML5 Animated ads


User experience, one of the most important factors of a successful mobile advertising campaign, should never be underestimated by app marketers. We’re all tired of the static banner ads that pop up in the middle of the game and say nothing interesting and relevant. But mobile technology does not stand still and with the rapid development of app marketing strategies, new and more appealing ad formats are evolving. The choice between various formats depends on the target users and the campaign’s objective.

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Aarki Encore Inside Out

Mobile advertising continues to grow at a rapid pace, thus, industry leading companies are adopting more innovative technologies and new strategies for acquiring and retaining high LTV users.

See how Aarki redefines mobile programmatic app marketing.

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The Rise of Playable Ads


Mobile advertising continues to be an evolving industry with the rise of different ad formats. While app marketers across the world focus their KPIs on acquiring high-quality users, as opposed to prioritizing scale, playable ads are starting to take momentum on both acquiring high-quality users and scaling campaign performance.

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Using Multivariate for Geo Localization


In the last few years, the rapid development of more advanced targeting capabilities for mobile programmatic media buying has paved the way to creating a new set of creative possibilities. Thanks to location data, mobile devices now allow marketers to target users on an even more granular level.

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4 Tips on Using Creative to Win Quality Users


By Kass Yboa, Associate Creative Director 

Are your ads giving the wrong idea about your app? Are your creatives getting you the installs but not the retention? Will only 24% to 29% of users re-engage with your app in the 24 hours after first use, as eMarketer states? Here are four tips to improve user retention through creatives.

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A Comparison of Display Ad Formats: HTML5 Animated vs. Static

HTML vs Static.jpg

Proper advertising is crucial for the success of any app marketing campaign. A wrong ad creative can drive potential high lifetime value (LTV) users away. Moreover, ad creatives also help app marketers grab users’ attention and drive them to take action, whether it’s installing an app, registering for an account, or making a purchase.

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Good Creative is Familiar


By Michael De Dios, Client Services Associate

The smartphone was once only science fiction. Today, it’s become a medium for content and information to develop. While the smartphone industry continues to grow, so do the amount of ads being launched online that it caught itself in a state of a perfect advertising chaos. We could argue that mobile advertising is dead, and it has become a wasteland of interstitials, banners, animations, and videos. However, there are still a lot of mobile ads that work and serve their purpose on a very rewarding level –– and they benefit from a good creative.

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Scrubbing Now Available for Timeline

We are excited to announce this new feature, added to Aarki Encore, our proprietary mobile advertising platform that aims to simplify the process of creating engaging and catchy creatives.

Aarki Encore includes a visual timeline interface for managing animations. The new scrubbing feature allows advertisers to review the timeline at any point and see all animation elements, without needing to preview the animation. Scrubbing removes that extra step and makes it much easier to review and fine-tune animation without leaving the editor interface.

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The State of Programmatic Advertising in the U.S.


Programmatic has grown to become a popular media-buying channel for advertisers across the globe. The diversified interests and behaviors of mobile users make it more difficult for app advertisers who are using traditional advertising ways to select, negotiate, and buy media that better optimizes ad performance.

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