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Reigning in Data for Creative Optimization. Part 1: The Process of Setting up Creatives

creative_optimization_part_1.pngIn today’s digital world, ads are everywhere. Using the right creative is crucial for running a successful app marketing campaign. In fact, creatives can make or break your campaign. If they are catchy, relevant and based on the user experience, they will grab the user's attention and drive installs. Otherwise, they will most likely get ignored by the users, together with all the other ads they see every day.  

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Should You Use Mobile Playable Ad On Your Next Campaign?

The mobile advertising industry continues to grow and innovate at a fast pace. One of the newest mobile ad formats to emerge in the recent year is playable ad. Since its emergent, playable ad has quickly become a popular ad format amongst mobile app marketers.

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Optimizing Your Mobile Programmatic Advertising Strategies for Success

Mobile app advertising has become a necessity for app marketers trying to reach their target audiences. Hence, many app marketers have incorporating in-app advertising into their media planning and are leveraging programmatic buying strategies to drive their campaign performance. According to eMarketer, this year programmatic digital display ad spend represents 67% of all display ad transactions in U.S., with 69% of that spend going toward mobile.

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The Evolution of Mobile App Marketing Part 2: Cross-Promotion & Re-engagement


The mobile app marketing industry has undergone quite a few changes since its early days. As discussed in part 1 of this blog series, the industry began with the focus on clicks then moved to optimizing for installs and post-install events. Today, app install is still one of the most common key performance indicators (KPI) in an app marketing campaign. However, as the mobile app industry continues to mature, app marketers are starting to realize that acquiring high lifetime value (LTV) users is the key to success. Thus, many have began to optimize their app marketing campaigns for high LTV users.

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Does Ad Size Matter in Mobile App Advertising?

Mobile app advertising can make or break your app. Too many mobile ads, or even the wrong kinds of mobile ads, can drive potential high lifetime value (LTV) users away. Proper advertising is crucial for the success of any app marketing campaign. 

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Improving Mobile App Marketing Campaign Performance with Responsive Ad Creative

Mobile device usage has skyrocketed during the past decade. Likewise, mobile devices themselves have taken big steps in evolving. From the birth of the first generation of iPhone in 2007 and first Android smartphone in 2008 to the recent debut of iPhone 7 and other Android models, we’ve seen several different screens sizes and upgrades.

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Mobile Web vs. Mobile App: Which is Better for Your App Marketing Campaign?

The mobile web vs. mobile app dilemma is perhaps one of the most common conflicts in marketers’ minds. If mobile advertising effectiveness is the goal, then there are prominent factors that need to be taken into account when making the decision between mobile web and app.

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Which Ad Format Drives The Highest User Engagement?

As ad technology evolves, so do mobile users and their interests. In order to drive user acquisition campaign performance, app marketers should align their strategies with the interests of target users. Ad creative can helps app marketers pique users’ interest and drive them to take action, whether it is installing an app, registering for an account, or making a purchase.

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How Can Programmatic Creative Elevate Your App Marketing?

In the recent years, programmatic techniques have brought speed and efficiency to media buying. Now, it’s time for the creative side of the ad business to follow suit and become more efficient, nimble and innovative.  A new era of digital advertising is dawning - an era where programmatic and creative combine to create far-reaching and captivating campaigns. We call it “Programmatic Creative,” and it is a buzz among digital marketers.

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