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Escaping The Strange Room

Last week, our team immersed themselves in the Strange Room at Kuma Escape. With an hour to escape the room and nothing but their brains and each other, our team worked together to find their way out. Using their detective skills, they found clues and pieced together hint in hope of finding the key that would free them from the Strange Room.

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The Key to An Elevated App Marketing Performance

In app marketing, the amount of effort put into the campaign is reflected in the ad performance. As a Manager of Strategic Partnership at Aarki, Webb Knudsen strive to understand what client goals are and work hard to accomplish them. Just like performing a trick in skateboarding, Webb finds that in order to achieve the goal we must first understand the fundamentals of the challenge. Using the same logic, Webb and the rest of the Aarki team strive to provide great service by trying to understand the client’s needs in order to deliver results that exceed their goals.

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Practicing the Art of Anticipation in App Marketing

As an Ad Ops Manager at Aarki, Benjamin Allen spends his days ensuring ad campaigns run smoothly. When he’s not devoting his time to helping Aarki clients achieve their app marketing goals, Ben is busy training jiu-jitsu. Funny enough, he finds that Aarki practices the same skill he had learned in jiu jitsu: the art of anticipation.

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Are you Achieving Victory in App Marketing?

Aarki was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as the third fastest growing advertising and marketing company in America. It definitely makes us feel good and provides validation to our core hypothesis -- that superior campaign ROI can be achieved through unified optimization of creative and media. But it is definitely not victory.

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Celebrating Creative with an August Doodle


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Celebrating Creative with a July Doodle

aarkidoodlewhite_1Inspired by Google’s daily doodles, we have created a fun version of the Aarki logo to showcase our passion for the creative.

In this month's doodle, our talented designer Miki Kimura, was inspired by her favorite flower, the cherry blossom. The cherry blossom is a delicate flower, it doesn't bloom for long, so it's quite special to see one. To Miki, it is a constant reminder of renewal and the beauty of life.


Consider this your monthly reminder from Aarki – don't forget about the creative. Read our latest white paper on improving using local ad creative techniques in your next mobile advertisement.

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Celebrating Joyful Creative with a June Doodle


aarkidoodletransparent_1Inspired by Google’s daily doodles, we have created a fun version of the Aarki logo to showcase our love for the creative. One of our designers, Niko, found inspiration in the sleek quality of black and white imagery, and how even in the absence of color, details can be ever so clear. 

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Celebrating Joyful Creative with an April Doodle

mobile advertising company Aarki

Inspired by Google’s daily doodles, we decided to create a fun version of the Aarki logo to showcase our in-house creative talent. This logo doodle was created by one of Aarki’s talented art directors, Nori Hernandez.


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Shake Things Up at Aarki

Aarki is not a job, it is a means for you to shake things up – to change the status quo. Check out our join page for more information on open positions and work culture. Here is a video of our team shaking things up at our last team outing.

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Aarki's Movember Men

We are very proud of the Aarki men who toughed out the scratchy facial hair for the month of November. Cheers guys! Check out the Movember site for more information on why these men grew out their facial hair.

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