The Year of Hyper-Casual Gaming

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Mobile games continue to dominate the gaming industry - now accounting for 51% of global revenues. According to TechCrunch, consumer spend in apps will reach 60% market share by the end of 2019. Popular real-time strategy and shooter games are major drivers of this increase, but other types of games are also contributing. Hyper-casual is a newer game genre, and one that’s seeing healthy growth.

Hyper-casual game apps are characterized as lightweight games that offer simple gameplay. These games can be played over and over again, making them highly engaging and addictive. The app category is growing at such an impressive rate that it’s estimated to have $2.5 billion in annual revenue

Creative Strategies

An ad creative could come in different designs and sizes. Knowing which one to present to your audience can be difficult especially if several strategies sound good. 

  • Display enticing gameplay

Show your target audience how your hyper-casual game is played along with other gameplay content they could experience. Make the message clear and concise when presenting game mechanics. 


  • Challenge your target audience

Engage your audience by challenging them to beat your game. The simplicity of your hyper-casual gameplay makes users think they can easily win; it motivates them to play your mobile game over and over again once satisfied with the results. Not only does it boost engagement but also prolongs retention.


  • Highlight different game features

Display different game features such as presenting possible characters that could be used during gameplay. Take your ad creative to the next level by showing users some game characters that interest them.


The Case Study

In a user acquisition campaign, two ad creative strategies were put to the test. We tried highlighting game features and challenging users to beat the game. Between the two, displaying game features came out on top with a better performance outcome. 

The better ad creative had a decrease in cost per install which was 2.5x lower. It had a click-through rate of 14.51%, and a better conversion rate and install rate in just a few weeks.

Hyper-casual games have opened gaming to a bigger audience. With the right ad campaign, you can take advantage of the increase in mobile gamers. Test which ad creative will work best for your audience with the use of multivariate testing to optimize your campaign and level up your app. 


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