The Trinity of V’s in Big Data Analytics

The arrival of big data a few years ago had unleashed new capabilities into the app marketing industry. It allowed app marketers to develop precision in managing user acquisition campaigns, make better predictions, and improve decision making. Where do all of these lead to? Better overall ad performance.

So, what’s big data?bigdataanalytics1.jpg

The key to understanding what big data really is involves 3 V’s:

  • Volume: Each day, a few exabytes of data are created. That’s about a few billion GB.
  • Velocity: These real-time information can be analyzed rapidly into real-time insights.
  • Variety: Data from just about anything and everywhere can be collected for analysis.

Big data to the rescue.

Now that we understand more about big data, what does it have to do with app marketing? Each day, high volume of user behavior data are being analyzed. The analysis of variety of data provides real-time insights at such a velocity that enables app marketers like Aarki to develop a highly accurate target user model for an app in a short time span. Thanks to this big data analytics capability, Aarki can successfully eliminate guessworks. We are able to identify rules for programmatic media on ad exchanges by to target only media that will allow the ad to achieve maximum impact.

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