The Role of Mobile Devices in eCommerce

Over the year, mobile devices have become more of a necessity rather than an accessory. There was a time when we used mobile devices only for communication. Nowadays, mobile devices are everywhere and are used for variety of purposes. From finding transportation to doing taxes, mobile app solutions have quickly been growing at an exponential rate. One of the fastest growing mobile app verticals is ecommerce.

The Rise of eCommerce

Ecommerce is becoming more and more popular due to the ease and convenience that mobile devices bring to the process of online shopping. In fact eMarketer forecasts that in 2017, almost 205 million Americans will become digital buyers. In 2019, the number of digital buyers will reach 215 million. 

The Benefits of Going Mobile

Mobile users are continually using their devices to help them purchase various items including clothing, household items, electronics, and groceries. These users now have the ability to browse and discover various products on-the-go. They can also easily access product reviews that have been written by past purchasers on their mobile devices before making purchases. This information can have a large influence in where a potential customer will decide to spend their time and money.

Furthermore, mobile ecommerce apps allow users to purchase items that they want or need at their convenience. Unlike on desktop, consumers aren’t limited to making purchases in their home, or at work. With mobile apps, users can make purchases when they’re commuting, traveling, or simply out and about. It doesn’t matter what date or time it is or where users may be. For many brands, this is very important because mobile apps allow them to sell items even if their brick-and-mortar stores are closed. This can help increase sales by removing certain purchasing limitations.

The Significance of Mobile eCommerce App Marketing

Over the years, mobile app has become an important strategy for many brands. It can boost brand recognition and drive revenue if utilized optimally. To fully take advantage of having an ecommerce app, brands should be strategic in executing their app marketing campaigns. Whether it is to acquire new high-quality users who will make purchases, retarget purchasers in old or existing apps to promote the new app, or re-engage lapsed users - programmatic advertising can help. 

October-01.jpgApp marketers can find potential purchasers in the wide range of media inventory. Through programmatic, app marketers can target high-quality users who are most likely to make purchases and find lapsed or existing users through a real-time bidding (RTB) platform. In additional, they influence user purchasing behavior by showing ad creatives with popular or trending items and latest promotions or discounts.

Mobile devices have become a worldwide phenomenon, and future ecommerce trends will continue to thrive in this environment. As people increasingly continue to treat their phones as an extension of themselves, mobile ecommerce conversion rates will only climb upwards.

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