Retargeting Tips from Grace: The Most Important Factors when Choosing Users to Retarget


Grace Oabina, Senior Manager of Analytics at Aarki, who leads the retargeting campaign management team, continues to share her tips and tricks for a successful retargeting campaign. 

When retargeting users, some approaches work better than others. Read on to learn how to most effectively retarget users, maximize your campaign’s performance, and successfully drive growth. 

#1 Don’t Just Retarget Lapsed Users

Most advertisers use retargeting to bring back users who either have stopped playing or uninstalled the app. But you don’t need to wait for users to lapse—you can also use retargeting to prevent this from happening in the first place. Churn users can be identified using different engagement rates such as retention and purchase. 

Active users can be retargeted to encourage them to re-engage on your app or perform specific new-to-them actions, like register, purchase, or play a specific level or feature of the app. This will help you boost user engagement.


#2 Choose the Right Lapsed Window 

Another important factor is the lapsed window. This tells us how long the user has been unengaged with your app.

The lapsed window can vary based on your app category and action you’d like the user to take. For example, we use a lapsed window of at least 2 days for the social casino category, but for casual apps, the window is at least 7 days. Running an incremental lift analysis will help you determine if you are using the optimal lapsed window in your RT campaign.

#3 Consider Clustering

Performance may still vary based on how you group your users. Clustering is helpful for both optimization and data analysis. It will determine why you are not seeing incremental lift in your retargeting campaigns or which area has caused the underperformance.

Feel more informed? Keep an eye on our Insights to get more tips and tricks for your next retargeting campaign.

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