The Impact of Localization on Your App Marketing Campaign

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Geo location is one way for app marketers to tailor-fit their campaigns. It enables ads to have multiple language variants based on the main language spoken at a particular geo. When we talk about tailor-fitting the ads, it’s not just about translating the ad to different languages. One of the most important things to consider when engaging with the target audience is their cultural preferences.

In this article, we will examine the impact of localizing ads on the performance of a gaming app retargeting campaign.

How Can Localized Ads Help?

The campaign ran in three languages—English, French, and Dutch—for a period of 28 days. The localized ads were run starting from the 10th day of the campaign. 

english french dutch
English French  Dutch

The day 1 ROI without localization is 7%. When the localized ads were initiated on the 10th day, the campaign’s overall ROI increased to 10%. On the last day, the ROI increased to a whopping 21% or three times the ROI on the first day of the campaign when there was no localization involved!

Aside from ROI, another metric we looked at to prove the positive impact of localization on the campaign is the CTR. The average CTR without localization is 30%. With localization, this increased to 43%. An increase in CTR means that ad viewers notice the ad and take action (by clicking the ad) and this is a signal that the call to action is effective.

Speak their Language!

Speaking the language of the ad viewers is one of the creative strategies used to optimize campaigns. It is proven to help get your message across to your audience and make it seem like they are talking to someone who knows them well and can be trusted.


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