The Differences Between Native Advertising and Content Marketing

Do you associate native advertising with content marketing? If so, you are not alone. In fact, many people associate the two terms or think that they’re the same. However, there are differences between the two.

Content Marketing

The essence of content marketing consists of informative, educational or entertaining content with high value for audiences. Content marketing focuses on storytelling with the main goal of satisfying certain the target audience’ “informative needs” without selling products directly. This way, valuable content can help brands increase awareness, change perception, strengthen trust, and create a sustainable interaction with audiences. As a marketing strategy, content marketing covers an early part of the conversion funnel, as well as helps to increase long-term brand credibility.

October-03.jpgNative Advertising

Native advertising, on the other hand, is characterized by its special format and placement. Designed to fit the look and feel of the environment. In this way, they fit into the surrounding content and do not disrupt the user experience. As a result, users consciously choose to engage with native ads and are more open to the messaging of it. To avoid any confusion with surrounding content, native ads are often labeled s “sponsored” or “ad.” 

The Differences

The biggest difference between native advertising and content marketing is the channel. With native advertising, you are buying media inventory from publishers to gain access to their audiences. The inventory can be bought through programmatically on real-time bidding (RTB) ad exchanges. Now, native ads can also be served in mobile apps. With content marketing, you are creating content, publishing it on your own channel for your audiences. Content marketing can also be delivered through a variety of channels, such as email, website, and media outlets.

In contrast, native advertising is aimed to deliver content that’s integrated into the surroundings in order to influence actions from audiences. The reality is that in order for native advertising strategy to be successful, content marketing should be taken into consideration. In fact, it’s fair to consider content marketing an umbrella to native advertising. Both can help you grow your brand and win new users – but content marketing is a mindset and an approach while native advertising is a tactic.

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