The Chameleon of Ad Tech: Native Advertising

With the recent heated debates around ad blocking since the release of Apple’s iOS 9, it’s not hard to see why many app marketers are buzzing about native ads. So far, ad blockers have only been able to block ads in the mobile web browser but none have released a version that actually allows users to block in-app ads. This makes native advertising the more attractive to app marketers.

The art of blending in.

Since they are designed to blend into existing content in an app, native ads aren’t disruptive to the user experience. Though all of the content are the same, native ads differ visually in each publication. According to the IAB, native ads have the following characteristics:

  • Cohesiveness: Deliver content that parallels with page or app content
  • Assimilation: Integrated into page or app design
  • Consistency: Conform with platform behavior 

The sense of belonging.

Native ads aren’t seen as out-of-place ads and that’s why they’re more likely to be seen and clicked on. People often feel as though these ads belong to the page or app so they embrace them as part of the user experience instead of a disruptive element. As more and more app marketers shift their focuses to native ads, they will likely find an increasing amount of impressions and higher CTR.

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