Successful User Acquisition Strategies for Social Casino Games

Social casino apps have grown tremendously to become highly profitable. They have gained popularity across a wide range of audiences. According to Eilers Research, the social casino gaming market is expected to generate $4.4 billion in revenue this year.

About Social Casino Mobile Games

Rather than requiring payment or wagering monetary value, social casino apps operate on a free-to-play model. The players are provided free credits that are reloaded periodically for the player to use. These apps have strong ranking on the major social media platforms and they are themed to simulate gambling activities.

Marketing Recommendations

1. Choose the Social Casino.gifright creatives

In the mobile advertising industry, the creative can make or break your app, thus, choosing the right creative is very important. In terms of ad layout, the users want to see the resemblance to Las Vegas slot machines. The creative should never be subtle, but flashy and eye-catching.
Ad localization is another factor that should not be underestimated. M
ake your ads globally consistent and locally relevant by customizing the creative design and ad copy for the target market.

2. Leverage lookalike audience targeting

Lookalike audience targeting is a very effective strategy to find high-quality users. You can leverage historical data and learning from all installs, to develop audience insights. Combined with other relevant user information, these insights can be utilized to make user interests and behavior predictions. These predictions can be used to target audiences that look like the existing high quality users and are most likely to continue using an app and spend on in-app purchases.

3. Use bespoke segments

A very effective strategy for expanding your user base with high LTV users is utilizing bespoke segments. This strategy enables app marketers to expand their user base by discovering loyal, high LTV users of apps who are similar to theirs. The strategy is derived from the theory that if a high LTV user is loyal to one app in a certain category, there is a high probability that they will also be loyal to another app in the same category.

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