Solving for The Ad Blocking Epidemic

Ad blocking continues to gain ground as more users discover how easy it is to install a plug-in that eliminates the ads they consider most intrusive. A study by eMarketer forecasts that ad blocker usage will grow by double digits this year and the next. It is forecasted that in 2016, 69.8 million Americans will use an ad blocker. That’s almost a jump of 35% over last year. Next year, that figure will grow another 24% to 86.6 million people.

So, a matter of publishers’ concern is how to fight ad blockers? But before trying to find a solution, it is necessary to go deep into the root of the reasons. The more relevant question is - why has ad blocking become so popular? The main reason is that there are too many ads and, often, those ads present offers that are not relevant to the audience. Therefore, using an ad blocker became essential to a decent, non-disruptive user experience.

As with health, prevention is usually better than the cure. Here are some strategies publishers and advertisers can undertake to improve the user experience.

Choose the Right Ad Unit

Consumers are more likely to engage with rich media ads, video ads, and native ads. These ads provide more content than standard banners and have significantly higher engagement rates - especially native. Native advertising is especially valuable because the ad experience follows the natural feel and function of the site.

Develop Your Audience Strategy with Data

A better targeting strategy can use verified demographics with user’s interest and behavior with intent to create better audience segments. Leveraging data will also help with targeting certain audience segments with relevant ads.

Create Meaningful Content

Better targeting and optimization is just the first step. Online ads need to also be built on better content that has real meaning to users. If ads can be customized and personalized to audience based on their behavior and demographic, then the audience can begin to see the ads as beneficial rather than a nuisance to be blocked.

As we see publishers increase their adoption of ads that don’t disrupt the user experience and actually add value to the user, sooner or later ads will be seen as helpful instead of disruptive. There is a huge opportunity in mobile advertising because with the right data, you can pinpoint the needs of a specific user. With advancements in ad formats and targeting, we can see solve ad blocking by preventing the problem from the roots.

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