Should You Use Mobile Playable Ad On Your Next Campaign?

The mobile advertising industry continues to grow and innovate at a fast pace. One of the newest mobile ad formats to emerge in the recent year is playable ad. Since its emergent, playable ad has quickly become a popular ad format amongst mobile app marketers.

November-01.jpg All About Playable Ad

The concept behind playable ad is much like test-driving a car before making an actual purchase. Generally used by mobile game app marketers, playable ad offers audiences a snippet of the real gameplay, ranging from fifteen seconds to one minute. Once the snapshot of the game ends, a call-to-action (CTA) is displayed so that audiences can install the game if they want to.

Instead of displaying a static or animated ad that portrays only a portion of the game or showing a short video of the gameplay, playable ad gives audiences the chance to experience the real gameplay themselves. By the time the audiences finish playing with the ad, they’re already know what to expect from the app and will install the app if the ad leaves them wanting more.

Grab The Benefits

Typically, mobile users install a game app and try it for a while, only realize it’s not their cup of tea. This leaves them to either never open it again or immediately uninstall it. Hence, by giving audiences a chance to test out the game first, advertisers can be sure that the audiences that choose to install are high-quality users that won’t uninstall the game or become lapsed users so quickly. Consequently, the most attractive benefit of in-app playable ad is the incredible conversion rates app marketers are seeing. Moreover, playable ad is beneficial for app marketers because it allows them to measure the true ad engagement. Playable ad naturally brings in higher-quality users who already understand your app and have intent to continue using it. If you haven’t leverage playable ads yet, now is the right time to think about it.

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