Should You Use Audio Ads for Your Next App Marketing Campaign?


If you are in the mobile advertising industry, you have probably recently heard about audio ads. Compared with other ad formats sold through automation, programmatic audio has been slow to catch on but the trends are changing rapidly in mobile advertising. In this article, we will reveal the buzz around digital audio ads and the top three reasons to incorporate them into your 2019 strategy.

  • Reach

Audio stays with people all day long, reaching them in screenless moments where visual media can’t. Imagine your day listening to your headphones at the gym, listening to a podcast in your car or listening to music at work. This all adds up to a whole lot of listening time. According to eMarketer, people spend more time with digital audio than they do on social media.

  • Brand Awareness

Audio ads are a great opportunity for building brand awareness and keeping your brand top-of-mind. It’s easy to get lost in the search and social media when search queries pull up a list of results and social feeds go on and on with a mixed bag of posts. When it comes time to choose a product or service, consumers are much more likely to remember your brand when it’s reinforced with a multimedia marketing strategy.

  • Engagement

Listeners are more receptive to ads in podcasts due to high levels of concentration. According to Midroll Media’s survey, of 151,502 podcast listeners, 60% say they have purchased something after hearing it advertised on a podcast. 

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The Future of Programmatic Audio Ads

While video ad currently forms the main part of programmatic advertising, over 55.1% of marketers agree that audio may be ready to take over the programmatic market. In fact, 68.9% of marketers that were polled also felt that programmatic targeting enables advertisers to trace the impact of audio like never before.

At Aarki, we use every possible means to reach our target audiences. Users are looking for better experiences and we need to keep up with this demand. So we are glad to inform that Aarki Encore now supports streaming audio ads on mobile devices.

Unlocking the full potential of programmatic audio advertising may not happen overnight, but the opportunities it holds should not be overlooked. A big change may be around the corner.


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