Sharing Audience Segments with Aarki via mParticle

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With the rapid development of more advanced targeting capabilities for mobile programmatic media buying, marketers are now able to target users on an even more granular level. And thanks to the adoption of different strategies for audience segmentation, it’s now easier for marketers to reach more targeted users through their app marketing campaigns.  

Analyzing and utilizing audience lists correctly determines the result of your campaign performance. However, sharing audience data can be difficult and requires significant engineering resources. Aarki’s integration with mParticle has simplified the process of sharing audience segments.

Interested? Let’s see the process and the benefits of sharing audience segments via mParticle.

The process

  • Set up the integration in the mParticle platform
  • Create the segments needed for your respective campaigns using mParticle AudienceSync, and connect them to Aarki
  • Upon receiving, we can use the segments for a:

What are the benefits?

Building and connecting the audience lists via mParticle will give advertisers the following benefits:

  • Granular segmentation - You can use granular data such as spend tiers to build audiences for better campaign optimization
  • Centralized data collection across platforms - You can collect data across multiple devices and channels that can be used to build audiences
  • Full control - You can control which types of data are being shared

Sharing audiences with Aarki has never been so easy. Excited? Give it a try and see for yourself.

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