Sequential Advertising for Campaign Success

Ecommerce Sequential ad sketches

Sequential advertising is a creative strategy that drives user action such as an install or purchase using the conversion funnel. This entails knowing the users and showing ads that best resonate with them at a specific point in time. Sequential advertising then can be seen as a form of storytelling where there is an introduction, rising action, climax, and conclusion. Read on to learn how you can apply sequential advertising to your future campaigns.

     1. Prepare your audience list

Targeting is key to the sequential advertising success. The first step to incorporating your message into the ads you show involves preparing your audience list. This then leads to the second step.

     2. Analyze segment intersection

Breaking down your audience list into different segments results in more comprehensive targeting capabilities. Segmentation can be done based on spend tiers and user behavior towards the product offered by the app.

     3. Identify your key performance indicators (KPI)

Depending on your app category, campaign objectives, and historical data, identify your campaign’s KPI through metrics such as click-through rate (CTR) and install rate (IR). Based on the given KPI, the next step would be to assign the optimal frequency in consideration of the campaign duration as well as the number of creative ads shown per frequency.

     4. Personalize your creative ads

The sky is the limit when it comes to creative ad personalization strategies. For example, in one specific sequential ad campaign we ran, we applied a real-world event or holiday into the ads. Learn more about this in our previous article. We also tried using two different themes with distinct variations in order to have a basis for comparison. In the generic example below, the point of comparison is the character (or face) shown in the app. The results showed that the second theme had 80% better install rate (IR) and 47% lower cost per install (CPI) compared to the first theme.

Easter Girl with egg baloon     Easter shopping app sale
Theme 1                                    Theme 2

More results. In one campaign where sequential messaging was performed, we tested multiple ads in the first frequency to understand the preferences of our target audience. Among the three creative variants, we found that the first creative performed 46% better than the second and 44% better than the third in terms of install rate (IR). The results helped identify which creative variants work best to compel our target audience to download the app. 

 Puppy, Play the cutest game     Two dogs "Make friends with other dogs"     Use gold to get rare pets                                                        

Just a tip. For a sequential advertising campaign with more than one frequency, always use the strongest design first. The strongest design can be identified through historical data and can help significantly reduce the cost of advertising as maximum attention and performance are seen during the first ad sequence.

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