Retargeting Optimization: Re-engage Your Lapsed Users


App marketers used to focus on getting users to install their apps. As the industry continues to mature, engaging and retaining users with high lifetime value (LTV) has emerged as a more critical challenge.

Many apps are failing to maintain user interests and sustain long-term engagement. A study from eMarketer states, “only 24% to 29% of iOS users who installed an app used it again within 24 hours of their first app session.” Whether the users forgot about the app or no longer found the app to be useful at the moment, app marketers can re-engage these users to re-install or start using their apps again through a retargeting campaign.

The Aarki Way

Aarki has run retargeting campaigns using a variety of ad formats, including native, video, interactive, playable, and interstitial. Leveraging proprietary machine learning, Aarki’s data scientists conduct analysis of how the users engage with an ad and how their engagement correlates with their behavior in the app. This enables Aarki to consistently deliver strong app marketing performance no matter what the app marketers’ retargeting goals are.

Do you want to reactivate your lapsed or existing users by driving them to re-install your app or complete post-install actions? These are the steps for partners to start retargeting campaigns with Aarki:

Setup Requirements

  • ROI targets for each user segment
  • Creative personalization guidelines for each segment (optional*)
  • Geo targets
  • Postback for installs, with re-opens and re-installs
  • Postback for revenue events

*Creative personalized ads drive higher engagement. Showing a lapsed user who has left the game at level 20 the theme of the same level will work better than showing the level 1 theme, right? By providing information for creative optimization (levels, themes and/or unlocks) you can be sure that the right personalized ad will reach your targeted user.

By leveraging the latest generation of Aarki machine learning models to manage the CPM bid, Aarki is able to optimize on KPIs like CPC, CPI, and ROAS. In addition we have made it easy for partners to share audience segments. Here are some options:

  • Share segments via Aarki’s audience API
  • Aarki is fully integrated with mParticle to receive audience segments
  • Create segments on mobile measurement partner’s audience builder
  • Aarki can receive the retargeting segments through the cloud or email

Running a retargeting campaign has never been so easy. Excited? Give it a try and see for yourself.

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