Reigning in Data for Creative Optimization. Part 3: Conclusions and Summaries

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This is our final post in our blog series about Aarki’s understanding of creative design, and the importance of creatives in mobile app marketing. At Aarki, we run hundreds of campaigns and generate thousands of data points, and our goal is to reign in all these data points to create actionable insights. In the previous chapter of this blog series, we drilled deep into the process of building and optimizing creatives. The last, third part of the blog series, will focus on the best techniques that work across all strategies.

Our infographic below highlights several strategies and elements that work for most campaigns. While we don’t like to generalize, in our experience, these have proven to be successful when rolled out for most app campaigns, across multiple app categories and markets. 

Creative Optimization Infographic Summary

By leveraging our extensive experience, we at Aarki can make sure that published ads are always performing at their best.

As you've seen in the past 3 articles, creative plays a huge role in achieving your campaign performance objectives. By using a streamlined process, insightful strategies, and continuous data analysis and optimization, Aarki helps your app grow.

Feeling more informed about mobile ad creative development and optimization processes? We have a bonus for you! Our latest ebook entitled “How to Create Thumb-Stopping Mobile Ad Creative” will help you learn more about powerful creative approaches you can use for your next campaign. It will also provide you with great tips for design.


And if you are wondering how we level up your ad creative at Aarki, watch the video below: 

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  • Show the essence of your app. Less is more. The simplest strategies often are the most effective ones. Showing what your app is about can lead you to success in a very short period of time. This will catch the right audience and will attract high LTV users.
  • Characters stand out. If your game has a special character or a mascot that is attractive, use it! Characters make your game more likeable and more appealing to humans! Cute characters work best. If you have recognizable ones, even better!
  • Power up. Showing off the elements that make your game exciting is another highly effective strategy. Look for your most iconic, action-filled boosters and show your audience how it is done… like a Boss!
  • Highlight the USP. With a non-gaming app, the best strategy is to clearly explain the app’s unique selling proposition (USP), and differentiate it from the competitors.
  • Sound and colors enhance the experience. In an animated interstitial, audio makes it even more compelling. Imagine the sound of jackpot and falling coins. It instills more excitement than just the image. Furthermore, light, bright colors work harder because they stand out from the sea of mostly dull and subdued creatives. In some cases, a white background performs even better.
  • Reward the user and show them the reward. If an install automatically gives the new user 5,000,000 coins, then communicate this in your creative.


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