Reaching Your Campaign KPIs through Banner Ads

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The poorly designed, non-responsive banner ad that pops up and interrupts a viewer’s mobile experience is already dead. Nowadays, an interactive and responsive banner ad is a good stepping stone for engaging with your audience, especially if you’re aiming to implement it in large volumes. Despite being the cheapest mobile ad format with the lowest cost per mille (CPM), according to Appodeal, banner ads are still the second-highest revenue generating format across all regions and even held the top spot in markets like Latin America and Western Europe on iOS. Their extremely high impression rates make them a reliably strong monetizing format.

One of the features the banner ad boasts is versatility since it has different types, such as animated and static display. At Aarki, we support small and medium banner ads and are able to compose highly engaging banner ads through our advanced HTML5 creative platform.

In one of our articles, we dived deep into several creative strategies mobile marketers can leverage in order to reach their marketing goals through this ad format. Applying the creative strategies to a recent reactivation campaign we ran for a Match 3 app and adding a localization strategy resulted in a phenomenal increase in all key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Small Banners


Medium Banners

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We were able to rapidly exceed client expectations by delivering a 299% increase in return on investment (ROI), a 402% growth in install rate (IR), a 275% increase in conversion rate (CR) and 34% growth of click-through rate (CTR). All these KPIs were surpassed at a significantly decreased cost per install (78%). 

We leveraged proprietary machine learning algorithms and multivariate creative testing technologies to dynamically select the best performing creative variants and conduct real-time bidding to maximize the client’s return on investment. 


Banner ads can be of good use if run properly. With the appropriate creative strategy, you’ll be able to effectively gain better user engagement and increased install rates.

Our proprietary programmatic advertising platform, Aarki Encore, now supports all ad formats for mobile programmatic with the latest addition of banner ads. Want to make your next app marketing campaign a hit? Give us a shout and we’ll make this happen.


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