Re-engagement: Basics and Beyond

Re-engagement targeting audience

25% of users abandon apps after just one use, a huge problem for app advertisers. 

There were 3.7 million mobile apps in 2015 and by 2019 that number had increased to 4.9 million. With this fierce competition, many apps are failing to maintain user interests and sustain long-term engagement. Advertisers need to find ways to reactivate their apps’ lapsed users and make them active users again. This is where Aarki takes the wheel.  

On your journey to rekindling the interest of your app users, knowing all about re-engagement is imperative. To make this process easier, we prepared a white paper that will guide you towards effective re-engagement. In this white paper you will learn: 
  • What is Re-engagement?
  • How does Re-engagement really work? 
  • Why is Re-engagement important? 
  • Re-engagement pillars 
  • Which retargeting KPIs matter most
  • The Aarki Way 

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