Programmatic Predictions for 2017: How Mobile Industry Will Shape Out

2016 has been an exciting year for the mobile industry. We have seen major shifts from the usual CPI campaigns to programmatic buying. With volume and ROI in focus, app marketers are beginning to notice the impact of higher LTV and ROI from programmatic campaigns. A solution that unifies data, creative, and technology will deliver the best results. So, what do we look forward to in the coming year?

1. Increased Programmatic Spending on Mobile

There will be a continuous increase in spending for programmatic buying. In a forecast released by eMarketer, it is expected that for 2017, mobile will represent nearly 75% of all programmatic ad spend with only 25% allocated to desktop.

2. More ROI Driven Goals

With first party & third party data, coupled with machine learning technology and rich media creatives, marketers will begin to see the value of running programmatic campaigns.

3. Programmatic Across All Media 

With the traction programmatDecember-02.jpgic buying is getting, it is expected that for 2017, its presence will be felt across different media channels. We’re seeing the shift from desktop to mobile and the progress programmatic is making on TV as well.

4. A Diverse Landscape of Technology Providers

There will be more ad technology and demand side technology companies competing for the ad dollars. However we believe companies will specialize in one or more programmatic domains to build defensive expertise. This includes app marketing, brands, retargeting & re-engagement, rich media, video, and connected TVs.

5. Creative Optimization

HTML 5 and multivariate testing will continue to evolve. Creative optimization is one of the key factors in running a successful programmatic campaign. Marketers will continue to invest in building highly engaging creatives including video. eMarketer also predicts that mobile video spending for programmatic campaigns will reach $3.89 billion, that’s 51.0% of total programmatic ad spending in the US.

Programmatic offers solutions to various app marketing challenges: user acquisition, re-engagement, re-targeting, custom audiences, etc. If you have been hesitant about making programmatic the key driver of your mobile advertising strategy, the timing could not be better. As we bid goodbye for 2016, the Aarki team is excited about the growth of programmatic in 2017.

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