Programmatic Advertising: Re-engaging Users Through Mobile Retargeting

Back in the early days, app marketers’ biggest challenge was getting users to install their apps. Today, app install is still one of the most common key performance indicators (KPI) in an app marketing campaign. However, as the mobile app industry continues to mature, app marketers are faced with an even bigger challenge.

The New Challenge

Getting users has been one issue, but the quality of those users is now another. Many app marketers are experiencing high churn due to the quality of acquired users. High-quality users are the ones who drive stronger retention, return on investment (ROI), and several other post-install metrics by staying engaged with the app for a long duration. These high-quality users are the ideal users for any app. Unfortunately, many app marketers find themselves getting several users who stopped engaging or uninstalling the apps within a few days of installing them. Whether it is because the users forgot about the app or no longer found the app to be useful at the moment, app marketers can re-engage these users to re-install or start using their apps again through a retargeting campaign.

The Shift to Mobile

Retargeting is not a new term to the advertising technology industry. In fact, it’s been around for a while. Nevertheless, as more users make the switch from desktop to mobile, so are advertisers and adtech companies. Recently, Facebook made a decision to shut down their desktop-based ad retargeting exchange and redirect advertisers to mobile instead. This decision not only echoes the industry’s shift from desktop to mobile, but also signals the gradual the gradual death of desktop. As desktop usage continues to drop lower, mobile usage soars year-over-year. Advertisers are, of course, following where the users are migrating.

Retargeting & Re-engaging on Mobile

As retargeting takes center stage, mobile becomes one of the main priorities for app marketers. Many marketers are already running mobile retargeting campaigns to drive reach and conversions from on-the-go users. Retargeting goals can vary campaign by campaign. Some of the most common campaign goals included driving retention, engagement, and ROI. The main idea is to get a user who has abandoned the app, whether they stopped using or uninstalled the app, to re-engage the app. Engagement will differ for each app category. For example, a shopping app marketer’s goal can be for user to return to the app and checkout the products in their cart. On the other hand, a game app marketer’s goal can be for user to re-install the app and keep playing until level 5. Also, some app marketers may want to promote new apps to the user base of their existing or old apps. 

The Aarki’s Way

Aarki has run many retargeting campaigns utilizing variety of ad formats, including native, video, interactive, playable, and interstitial. Leveraging a rich database of audience and user engagement data, Aarki’s data scientists conduct analyses on how the users and engage with ad and how their engagement correlate with user behavior in the app. Strong machine learning algorithms are then used to find lookalike audience who share similar interests and are most likely to engage with the app. This enables Aarki to consistently deliver strong app marketing performance no matter what the app marketer’s retargeting goals are.

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