Programmatic Advertising: Getting Your Mobile Ads Seen

Today, there are more people than ever who are on mobile devices and now is the right time to think over the methods you are using to get your ads seen. Your understanding of mobile app marketing has to go beyond the general app marketing campaign — you have to get the campaign on different channels and in different forms. This means you also need to decide what form your ad will take on each channel. Here are a couple of important mobile marketing methods that will benefit your app marketing campaign.

Leveraging Location

App marketers want to know where their users are. Location-based (also known as proximity-based) marketing allows advertisers to communicate with users through their mobile devices based on where the users are located. For example, a shopping app marketer can show users an ad with a discount coupon offer when they are near the physical shopping store. A beverage app marketer might choose to show an ad offering a free drink if the user install the app and register for an account when they come into a close proximity of the physical location. This is beneficial for both the app marketer and the users. The users are rewarded for coming to the physical location and are incentivized to install the app and take an action, whether it is to shop at the shopping location or go into a coffee shop for a drink. On the other hand, app marketers can figure out where their users are and what kind of ad copies entices them to install an app and complete a post-install action.

Going Native

Native ads match the visual design of the experience they live within in both the look and feel. App marketers can leverage native advertising to provide relevant content to the right users. Instead of a display ad on the right side for an app when the user is reading a news article, the ad blends in with the user’s current visual and is non-disruptive to the user experience. Users are less likely to be annoyed by native ads. With more users less likely to ignore them because they seem less like an annoying ad and more likely to engage with them because they are relevant to the user interests, native advertising can be a great method to reach target users. Now, native ad inventory is also available through programmatic advertising, making it a lot more easily accessible. App marketers looking to find a new ad format to reach their target users should incorporate native ads into their strategy.

The mobile app marketing landscape can be complex. However, by using solid strategies and ensuring that your app’s materials are compatible with the latest technologies, you can maintain a competitive advantage. To learn more about how Aarki can help you with your app marketing, please reach out to us at

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