Creative that Engages: Playable and HTML5 Animated ads


User experience, one of the most important factors of a successful mobile advertising campaign, should never be underestimated by app marketers. We’re all tired of the static banner ads that pop up in the middle of the game and say nothing interesting and relevant. But mobile technology does not stand still and with the rapid development of app marketing strategies, new and more appealing ad formats are evolving. The choice between various formats depends on the target users and the campaign’s objective.

In this article, we will make a comparison between playable and HTML5 animated ads to show which ad format suits your app marketing campaign better.

Play before you pay: Playable ads

As indicated in our previous article, playable ads work as “try before you buy” ad units. A playable ad’s task is to show what makes a game fun in a 15-30 second ad. It enables the user to interact with an app, offering a real fragment of the game that showcases its highlights. Thus, the user test drives the app before downloading it.

It’s a win-win formula for both the app marketer and the user. The user who experiences a limited version of the game and already understands how the game works often knows what to expect and is less likely to be disappointed with the game after installation. She is more likely to stick around, driving stronger user retention and return on investment.

Most apps are failing to keep mobile users interested and engaged for a long time. Up to 25% of users uninstall an app in the first hour after downloading it. Plus, app uninstall rates can rise to 64% in the first month. But by letting the users test drive the app, app marketers guarantee high LTV from the very start of the user lifecycle, which leads to reduced app uninstall rates and increased retention rates.

The power of HTML5 animated ads

In comparison to a playable ad, an HTML5 ad is shorter, with eye-catching animation that gets the user’s attention faster. It showcases the main features of the app (the character, the theme, the layout) and does not require any interaction from the user.

This ad format can be effective for both user acquisition and retargeting campaigns, depending on messaging. If your objective is to acquire highly engaged users, show the unique features of your app. For Social Casino apps, for example, you could showcase the slot reel multipliers using elements that make the app unique. The presence of characters and recognizable figures in a game could be the key to attracting and acquiring new users.

If your goal is to re-engage lapsed users, your ad unit should recall the fun your user had while using your app. In an animated ad unit, audio makes it even more compelling. Imagine the sound of hitting a jackpot and falling coins. It gives the user more excitement than just an image and redirects him to reopen or reinstall the app.

In our recent case study, we compared HTML5 animated ad creatives with static ones. The results showed a huge 90.94% increase in return on investment (ROI), and a 6 times decrease in cost per install (CPI).

Playable and HTML5 ads at Aarki

Our in-house designers are developing several interactive and playable ads for clients across different app categories. Each creative variant is built using our deep category expertise and learning. We ensure that the published creatives are aligned both with users’ interests and the clients’ objectives. As a result, we are able to deliver strong app marketing performance to our clients.


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