Personalization Strategies for Retargeting for Games

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The best ads are ads which are visually appealing and are relevant to users. Running personalized ads that resonate with audiences’ interests is a big step towards your app marketing success.

What is ad personalization?

Ad personalization is a powerful strategy that improves advertising relevance for users and increases return on investment (ROI) for advertisers. Personalized ads are based on users’ interests (e.g. cooking, sports, travel, etc.) and past behavior (e.g. engagement, purchase level, etc.), which enhance the user experience and drive higher engagement rates.

Personalization works best for retargeting campaigns. To target lapsed users on a more granular level, Aarki uses audience segments shared by the advertisers and, depending on the segment, different messages are applied to ad creatives to catch the users’ interest.

So how is all of this done?

Depending on the app, the division of segments can be based on many factors. For gaming apps, examples of segments can be spend level, the level reached, level tries, gender, and the user’s app activity. To increase the probability of reactivating high-quality users, different segments are intersected and personalized ads are then created based on this data.

How to reactivate users of game apps through personalization?

Different segments create different opportunities for ad creatives. We are glad to share our experience and learnings about some personalization strategies for retargeting the users of game apps. Below is a sample strategy that can work across many types of apps.

  • Show game updates relevant to users’ activity level: high, medium, and low.


High activity - If the users were actively using the app previously, showing them the level one theme will be a waste of time and resources. Instead, focusing the ad creative on your app’s most recent updates will help make it stand out more, driving interest and increasing retention.

Medium activity - To re-engage users with a medium activity level, use the unexplored game components or features. Show them that the most interesting part of your app is yet to come.

Low activity - If the users have a low activity level, most probably they are not familiar with the game's core features. Creating the messaging based on the game’s most important and catchy features will increase your chances to get them back to the app.

  • Show elements related to the user's last level reached1_personalization
Use characters encouraging and challenging the users to keep playing. If the users are stuck in a certain level, showing tips and tricks to surpass that level will increase your chances of retaining them.

Analyzing and utilizing audience lists correctly determines the result of any app marketing campaign performance. Connect to your app users through personalized ads and make them feel unique. Making relevant and personalized ad creatives maximizes the chances that your app will become a hit!


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