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(Kochava) Three Ways to Increase Your Audience Reach with the Kochava Collective

Source: Kochava

The odds are certainly against apps, especially new ones, when it comes to app store ranking. The app stores are flooded with apps (2.2 million for Android). Having a good app store ranking depends on the number of new users of your app, but getting in-app ads and apps into the right hands is a convoluted game with lots of players. You need to know your audience and where to find them among the networks.

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How To Keep Your App Users Engaged With App Marketing Tips

Acquiring high LTV users is a big challenge but retaining and keeping them engaged is another. In fact, many apps are failing to maintain user’s interests and keeping them engaged for a long duration. A study from eMarketer reveals, “only 24% to 29% of iOS users who installed an app used it again within 24 hours of their first app session.” So, with all the efforts you put in acquiring new users, it’s crucial to have a plan in keeping them engaged. App marketing offers several strategies like user segmentation and re-engagement ads for maximizing the user value. Let’s review two tactics that are beneficial to app marketers.

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Reigning in Data for Creative Optimization. Part 1: The Process of Setting up Creatives

creative_optimization_part_1.pngIn today’s digital world, ads are everywhere. Using the right creative is crucial for running a successful app marketing campaign. In fact, creatives can make or break your campaign. If they are catchy, relevant and based on the user experience, they will grab the user's attention and drive installs. Otherwise, they will most likely get ignored by the users, together with all the other ads they see every day.  

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Programmatic Predictions for 2017: How Mobile Industry Will Shape Out

2016 has been an exciting year for the mobile industry. We have seen major shifts from the usual CPI campaigns to programmatic buying. With volume and ROI in focus, app marketers are beginning to notice the impact of higher LTV and ROI from programmatic campaigns. A solution that unifies data, creative, and technology will deliver the best results. So, what do we look forward to in the coming year?

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Mobile App Marketing Strategies: Then vs. Now

The mobile advertising industry has matured over the past few years. We can look at its brief history in three main stages. Let’s take a deeper dive into the evolution of mobile app marketing to understand today’s current strategies.

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Understanding Two Different Retargeting Strategies: Cross-Promotion & Re-engagement

The mobile app marketing industry has made some incredible advancements since its early years. At first, app marketers were only paying for the ad clicks. Then the focus shifted to the installs that were being generated. Now app marketers have bigger challenges: Engaging and retaining users with high lifetime value (LTV). Thus, many have began to optimize their app marketing campaigns around retargeting concept with its two key strategies being cross-promotion and re-engagement.

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What Is A Mobile User Lifetime Value (LTV) & Why Is It Important?

The success of each mobile app advertising campaign can be narrowed down to a single point - the value that the acquired user will bring to the app. The user lifetime value (LTV) metric can help mobile app marketers in figuring this out and optimizing for it. It is one of the most powerful and most enigmatic metrics in the app marketing toolbox.

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All About Cross-Device Mobile App Marketing

Nearly one in every ten U.S. Internet users, which is more than 31 million people, will access the Internet exclusively through a mobile device in 2016. Moreover, according to eMarketer, by 2020, this mobile-only audience will grow to more than 42 million people or nearly 15% of U.S. Internet users. This forecast is quite impressive considering the fact that person may own several mobile devices. 

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Improving Quality of Mobile App Traffic Through Fraud Prevention


As programmatic advertising spend continues to skyrocket in recent years, fraud quickly became one of the top concerns for mobile app advertisers who conduct media-buying programmatically. In part 1 of this 2-part blog series, some of the common sources of errors that led to ad fraud are explained and ways advertisers can tell they are being affected by ad fraud are addressed. In this part, adjust discusses the repercussion of ad fraud and how advertisers can prevent it from degrading mobile app traffic quality will be discussed.

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Differentiating Between Open Auction, Private Auction, & Preferred Deal in Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising has become one of the fastest growing channels of digital marketing due to its inherent abundance of media inventory and buying efficiency. It offers multiple ways for mobile app advertisers to find the right media inventory for their ads. But with a few different ways to acquire media inventory programmatically, app advertisers are sometimes confused about which is the best way. To lessen the confusion, let’s shed some light on the differences between three different ways: open auction, private auction, and preferred deal.

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