No Room for Ad Fraud

Ad fraud has become a big topic in the ad tech industry with many choosing to dishonestly boost the numbers of impressions or clicks to gain more dollars. This can generally be done by either humans and nonhumans, also known as bots or botnets, to generate inflation of traffic. The result is companies overpaying publishers or advertisers for ads that don’t actually get seen by actual audiences.

Fraudulent impressions.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of ways to commit ad fraud. The first is ad stacking or stuffing, where multiple ads are served simultaneously on a page stacked on top of one another. Impressions are counted but the ads are not actually seen by users since they are hidden out of sight. The second is ad laundering, where fraudulent third parties or publishers inaccurately claim an ad is being shown on a page. Both methods are common occurrences in digital display advertising, especially in video and exchange-based buying.

Temporary sanctuary.

The good news is that mobile has been able to maintain its insulation against ad fraud so far. It is safe to say mobile is a fraud-free sanctuary...for now. However, ad fraud is expected to also plague mobile in the near future especially with mobile ad spend eclipsing desktop. As we all know, wherever the dollar signs go, ad fraud follows. Here at Aarki, we proactively practice smart buying when it comes to traffic. We are transparent about our ads and strive to prevent ad fraud of any kind.

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