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At Casual Connect Europe, Nicol Cseko (VP of Product at Aarki) gave a talk entitled Level Up Your App Marketing with the Power of Creatives. She advised others on how to take the performance of your mobile app campaign up a notch by leveraging data for creative optimization. She also gave insights into successes and failures for mobile app campaigns and answered why they had the outcome that they did. Learn how you too can optimize ad creatives using data and previous lessons to deliver significant improvements in ad performance. Please see the video below for the full talk.

Nicol Cseko heads up product at Aarki‘s DSP and oversees Encore, Aarki’s unified rich media creative studio and media buying platform. In this interesting role she oversees two key aspects to the platform with very different users and user needs, so Nicol splits their time between them, diving deep into data some days and other days helping creative teams express their ideas using new creative tools.

Nicol Cseko

Nicol Cseko  
VP of Product at Aarki 

Nicol came to Aarki after working in ad products with a major US company and before that working on the agency side. The experience working on both the agency side and the supply side has been particularly valuable in working at a DSP, since it helps Nicol understand how many of the different players in the ad tech industry work together and to understand their specific needs and concerns. And the most exciting thing about this work is the fast pace of innovation and experimentation in the ad tech industry.

Nicol has always been interested in exploration and innovation. As a child, her earliest ambition was to captain a spaceship, but that was later replaced by the goal of becoming a commercial airline pilot. 

She has always been excited by the opportunity of exploring the world. Anything creative, such as theatrical costume design, interests her, and there is always the possibility of bringing her delicious grilled cheese creations to the UK.

When Nicol is not working, she enjoys cooking and often unwinds by making large meals. She also collects cookbooks and spices; to Nicol it is completely reasonable to have four different varieties of black pepper ready for her next creation.


At Aarki, some the most effective new tools for mobile marketing center around segmentation. These new tools and services allow publishers to segment their audiences, an important opportunity since working with strong audience segments correlates to better performing campaigns. Aarki makes it a priority to support most audience creation platforms. They have also built in-house ways for developers to work with the creation of audience segments.

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