#MultivariateAd Challenge


With fully automated creative optimization, advertisers know with certainty the highest performing creative variant is served, as well as which creative element is most important to their users. Advertisers can finally connect creative to the performance optimization loop in a speedy, data-driven and effortless manner through dynamic creative optimization.

Curious? Take our #MultivariateAd Challenge.

Bring us your best mobile ad creative. We will set it up in Aarki Encore and use multivariate ad optimization to elevate your mobile advertising performance. See first-hand the difference multivariate can make in a mobile advertising campaign.

To take the #MultivariateAd Challenge, email sales@aarki.com or complete the form on the multivariate ad optimization page. If you are unfamiliar with multivariate, we suggest you read our whitepaper, “Multivariate Creative Optimization of Mobile Ads.”




Monday we announced multivariate ad optimization has arrived. A/B testing, multivariate optimization, dynamic creative optimization, goal-based ads and dynamic ad serving – Aarki Encore has them all.




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