Mobile Video Ad Solutions for Faster Ad Loading and Rendering

Creative for mobile ads is becoming more complex and video continues to prove effective. From an engineering perspective, what is one of the biggest challenges faced with this brand of engaging creative?

Mobile advertisers spend days building out plans and creative, but all of that is for naught if the ad doesn’t perform. Mobile advertisements should consistently provide the end-user with a smooth and engaging experience through faster ad loading speeds and quick, seamless rendering. Faster loading speeds and rendering translate to higher engagement and conversion rates. If the creative doesn’t load or render fast enough, watch the mobile advertising campaign get sucked into a black hole, where the end-user will never find it and ad performance tanks. There is a reason campaigns still end up in this black hole, faster ad loading and rendering comes with a few hurdles to clear. 

What is the key to addressing ad loading speeds?

To address ad loading speeds, address the size of the ad. It’s especially important to note the percent of the total ad size occupied by media assets. Media assets such as videos and images not only need to display properly in every browser and mobile app, they need to be optimized for maximum performance. 

As mobile video advertising explodes, this issue of ad sizing will continue to flourish. What automation and features have you built into Aarki Encore to help mobile advertisers reduce the size of video assets?

Each technology should provide an approach to this hurdle, we have built a few automatic processes and features to address the issue. Aarki Encore performs media asset optimization not once, but twice. Every time you upload a video file into the Aarki Encore creative studio, it is automatically re-encoded into a variety of formats – set to load and render quickly across a wide array of screens. At upload, the video is automatically resized to fit the dimensions of the ad unit. For example, the advertiser can upload a full HD 30 second 200 megabyte video into a 480x320 creative unit, and it would be immediately converted into a more reasonable two to three megabyte video, automatically adjusting width and height to fit within the dimensions of the ad unit.

The ad score feature in Aarki Encore’s creative studio provides real-time information on the ad size and weight based on the initial round of optimization. The creative designer can course correct as they are designing, instead of getting, the often times heartbreaking, news after the design is complete.

Advertisers often times see several rounds of edits within any creative process.  What if the ad changes and video dimensions can be shrunk even further?

The first resizing of the video is produced in a format that can be, and is, optimized even further. As ad units are published across purchased media, Aarki Encore examines asset dimensions again and proceeds with a final round of optimizations based on the final layout information.

And images?

A similar process is applied to images. We ensure optimal performance across all devices, be that an old tiny iPhone or a 30 inch 4K desktop monitor.

Assets optimization is a complex and fascinating engineering challenge. At Aarki, we are dedicated to solving for these complexities with our own toolbox and by partnering with the industry’s leading companies in compression and encoding. Aarki Encore is built to help advertisers focus on the creative, let us worry about the rest.


It’s no secret that mobile digital video is dominating the space. Last week, I had a chance to sit down with our Senior Director of Engineering, Mark Kalygulov, to get his thoughts on improving performance for mobile video advertisements.


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