Make Your Next Retargeting Campaign a Hit

Best Practices for Retargeting

When run correctly, mobile retargeting is a powerful strategy to win back lapsed users. Our previous article covering the do's and don'ts for your first retargeting campaign explains the basics. In this article, we are offering an in-depth focus on the best practices for running a retargeting campaign. 

  • Leverage Frequency Caps

By limiting the maximum number of impressions a user can see within a given period of time, you will ensure that your target audience will not become ad fatigued. Overexposure quickly results in decreased campaign performance, so adhere to the frequency of impressions that will improve campaign results and make sure you’re spending your money wisely. 

  • Exclude Converted Users 

Spend your money wisely. Exclude users who have already been reactivated. At Aarki, we do this through event postbacks or list updates gathered from the advertisers. 

  • Optimize Your Conversion Funnel 

Establish a deeper connection between your app and the target audience through sequential advertising. Let your user progress through a sequence of ad story “experiences” across various devices. Show them relevant messages across their conversion funnel. 

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                                     Holiday Greeting                   Holiday Promo

  • Bring Them Back for More

App marketing doesn’t end with an install. Keeping the converted users engaged or reactivating lapsed users is a more critical challenge. Continuously spark the interest of your users by keeping them updated on your gaming app’s latest levels, themes, quests, characters, or gameplay strategies. For non-gaming apps, showing special promos and benefits/perks, as well as app updates (new wishlist and gifting features) will work. This has proven to be effective in keeping long-time or high-level players engaged. Showing lapsed users the progress in the game is also an effective way to keep players interested.

Cash on delivery

  • Add Creative Spice

Boost a subliminal connection between your brand and your audience. Implement different creative strategies and find out which ones work and which do not. These include personalization, localization, and champion/challenger multivariate testing. Also, presenting sad characters can make the app user feel missed and needed, prompting them to engage with an app. 

With the right approach, retargeting is an incredible way to get more conversions. Follow these steps to improve your app marketing success! 

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