Key Best Practices for Maps in Mobile Ads


Maps, like dynamic distance, leverage proximity as a creative element, however maps can be used across a much larger geographic area. Therefore, the use of maps can also be a strong fit for campaigns not heavily dependent on immediate proximity as a qualification for conversion.

In our experience, maps are especially complementary in mobile ad creative if goaled to drive traffic or awareness for events such as a new store opening.



When building mobile ad units with maps, keep in mind the following:

Provide the viewer all the necessary location info.

Link to directions and provide location information. Always make it easy to link to directions and provide full address and contact details such phone and hours. 

Mind your search radius.

Think through your store density, population and local shopping patterns when setting a search radius in your mobile rich media tool.   In urban, or areas with heavy presence, consider a smaller search radius, and in rural areas, or areas with sparse number of locations, consider a larger search radius.

Click to view an example of these principles in action in an ad from our gallery page. To learn more creative techniques and best practices for localizing your ad download our full white paper, "Localization of Mobile Ad Creative."


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