Local Advertising at Next Year’s Super Bowl

One of the biggest advertising events of the year has come and gone. The afternoon/evening when everyone is huddled around the television with pizza, nachos and soda to watch the best in the NFL has come to a close, and with it, the epic battle for advertising greatness.

We will leave the heckling over the best ad to the rest of the interweb and focus on how brands can maximize local advertising opportunities for next year. Our local advertising expert, Daniel Song, walks us through three ways advertisers could have shown up more at this year’s Super Bowl.

QSRs and the Local Advantage

Pizza sales sky-rocket during Super Bowl Sunday. Pizza Hut, Round Table, Domino’s and similar quick serve restaurants should take advantage of the robust features in local advertising, such as providing phone numbers, distance to nearest location, mapping to nearest location and coupons. Each of these features could give QSRs a leg up on their competitors and increase sales. To generate awareness we recommend running these local ads, at least the day before the Super Bowl and on game day.

Recycle Video Content

Recycle your television video content to cultivate strong brand awareness and capitalize on the second screen trend. New technologies enable advertisers to run Super Bowl television placements on mobile and tablet devices. Running placements on a second screen gives users another opportunity to digest content and provides the technology necessary to create moments of engagement. Next year, we would like to see more interactive video recycled from television ads with the inclusion of local features: download a coupon in the first quartile of the video ad, map directions for the last minute soda refill or call now for beer delivery.

Step it Up

Movie and television companies need viewers, there is no better time to cast a wide net than the Super Bowl. These companies have teams dedicated to maximizing mobile content during their regularly scheduled programming, however during their on-screen time at the Super Bowl the second screen got little love. Help viewers with the follow-through, engage them with an” add to calendar” or “buy tickets online” call-to-action in your digital advertising placements during the games.

If you’d like to review your local digital advertising strategy with me please email me at daniel@aarki.com. Let’s make next year’s Super Bowl one of local mobile ad engagement.

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