Leveraging Mobile Apps to Gain Customer Loyalty

In today's device-driven age of texts, tweets, and social media, it can be hard to grab user’s attention. To keep up with these trends, brands looking to build customer loyalty should consider one of developing mobile app strategies. Mobile devices provide the type of rich contextual data and personal connections brands could only once dream about. The value of a loyalty program is visibly more important on mobile because everything is in real-time. 

What Does Loyalty Mean to You?

Does brand loyalty mean offering discounts, in-store credit and points accumulation? Or should loyalty be rewarded with behavioral change that makes customer lives easier and make them feel more appreciated? 

For some brands, it is a plastic loyalty card that is always impossible to find when necessary. For others, it can often be associated with follow-up junk mail with offers many customers would never consider using, especially when the offers haven’t been targeted specifically for them. However, for brands fully embracing the mobile revolution, apps tend to become an opportunity to change the way everyone thinks about loyalty. In face, mobile apps can redefine the customer relationship and rewarding loyalty with more personalized experiences. 

Moving to Mobile App

Mobile apps are becoming the forefront of interactions between brands and customers. One of the best ways you can foster loyalty in mobile users is to offer rewards through your app. Reward systems are a standby of retail, and mobile apps are a powerful way to build brand engagement and customer loyalty.

Let’s take the Starbucks app for example. The app offers a way for customers to pay for their orders, find the nearest location, order ahead, and receive rewards and discounts.  This makes ordering easier and removes the need to wait in line, which in turn improves not only the customer experience but also the brand’s operational efficiency.

So when you think about loyalty as part of your mobile app strategy, don’t just simply move the loyalty card schemes to a mobile platform. Think about what your users really need, what will improve their daily lives, and what you can offer them in exchange for their loyalty. You can incorporate these features or promotions into your ad creatives. This can help drive the success of the app marketing campaign in getting user interests by offering what they want or need.

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