(Kochava) Three Ways to Increase Your Audience Reach with the Kochava Collective

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The odds are certainly against apps, especially new ones, when it comes to app store ranking. The app stores are flooded with apps (2.2 million for Android). Having a good app store ranking depends on the number of new users of your app, but getting in-app ads and apps into the right hands is a convoluted game with lots of players. You need to know your audience and where to find them among the networks.

With nearly 5 billion mobile users globally, a knee-jerk reaction might be to target as many users as possible, across all available channels. However, an all-encompassing approach may have you targeting the same users on multiple networks. If you’re working with lots of partners to target the same audience, how do you know that you’re not bidding against yourself?

What if you could target an audience based on rich criteria, across networks and publishers, and still ensure that you’re targeting unique users by network? What if you could target every device on the network with the highest likelihood of conversion?

The Kochava Collective—the largest independent mobile data marketplace—is the solution. Advertisers get the targeting precision they need and work directly with networks to access their ideal audience.

The Kochava Collective is a strategic alternative to finding individual media partners with which to run campaigns. It builds an audience based on your input and prioritizes the networks with the best recency and frequency metrics for your ideal users, with no overlap. Currently, the Kochava Collective includes more than 500 million unique device IDs and 2 billion monthly transactions (and counting).

Advertisers can target audiences in three ways: choose a pre-defined seed, build a custom supply audience, or create a lookalike audience based on their current users. Each is designed to obtain high-value users based on past audience performance. The audiences are built from user data but with no sharing of device IDs to protect privacy.

1. Custom supply audiences

Building custom supply audiences in the Kochava Collective is a good strategy for advertisers who need to branch out from their current targeting practices. With supply audiences, advertisers enter their preferred audience criteria, and the system matches that segment with the networks that have those users. Once purchased, each network receives a list of device IDs to target—device IDs which already exist within their network.

A common problem in the ecosystem is that networks only have part of a user’s information. For example, Network A knows the user’s gender, Network B knows the location and Network C knows he is a casino game player. Traditionally, you target all three networks as a way to extend your reach, but you’re outdoing yourself by paying for that user three times. What our system does is assess the network with the highest probability of success in reaching your desired users. We give you all the user information (sans device IDs) that match your audience criteria and then prioritize the networks that will reach your ideal audience. In this case, our system may calculate that Network C has the highest probability of success for that user.

Aarki was one of the early adopters of the Kochava Collective. Aarki CEO, Sid Bhatt, had this to say about his experience: “The integration with the Kochava Collective has allowed Aarki to further expand its targeting capabilities and reach for programmatic delivery for app marketers who are specifically interested in our unique audience base. As a result of the rich data within the Kochava Collective, we’re able to target ads more accurately and bid more competitively on media to ensure the greatest ROI delivery to our clients without exposing device IDs.”

2. Lookalike audiences

In addition to the “self-service” audience creation tools on the Kochava Collective, our Data Science team is ready to create lookalike audiences for you. You provide a list of your best users and the Data Science team will create a lookalike audience of devices within the Kochava Collective that mirror the attributes of the devices on your list. Once the target audience is identified, the device IDs are available for export to the networks with the highest probability of conversion, as with custom supply audiences.

3. Seed audiences

Seed audiences are pre-populated segments of users from which advertisers select and upload to Facebook, for amplification. These packaged audiences serve as a blueprint for a larger Facebook audience, by creating a lookalike within the Facebook dashboard. In the Kochava Collective, you can select from the list of seed audiences, labeled based on their attributes, like paying customers of casino games or frequent users of travel apps.

The takeaway

The Kochava Collective gives advertisers access to hundreds of millions of unique device IDs and three ways to create original, customized audiences with successful track records of conversion. The Kochava Collective makes it easy for you to find new pockets of users that match your highest-value audience behavior or find brand new audiences based on rich targeting criteria.

For more information about how you can access the Kochava Collective, visit kochava.com/the-collective.

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