Keeping Your Ad Creative Refreshed

An important part of running a successful app marketing campaign is knowing when to refresh your ad creative. Doing so will not only help you acquire more users, but it will also help you get the most return from your investment.

Icreativerefresh.jpgn today’s digital world, ads are everywhere. As a result, there is a high possibility that audiences may feel fatigued from ads. If they are constantly seeing the same ad in a high frequency, there is a strong potential that the messaging will get stale. All of us have seen that one ad over and over again. Yes, the one that became very unamusing. What about that television commercial that you used to think was funny but now find it annoying because it’s played too often? Well, the same fatigue is applicable to mobile ads.

So what is the solution? How can you fight ad fatigue? One of the most effective ways to solving this problem is ad creative refresh. 

Fresh ads help grab attention. It is usually recommended to run multiple ad creatives at any point of time, replacing weak ads with newer, stronger ones as soon as the performance metrics begin to go down. Facebook advises advertisers to refresh your ads every two weeks - even a small change like a new image or a new title can be sufficient. It helps to present your creative in a way that is fresh and inviting. The ad that was catchy a couple of weeks or months ago can now be outdated. A new feature or offer might be more relevant to what your audience is currently looking for.

User targeting is also important here. The fact that users change should not be overlooked as well. The creative should be customized to the unique interests of the users. Sometimes, it helps to use different creative for different categories of publishers since each publisher attract particular types of users.

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