Keeping Users Engaged Through Sequential Advertising

Aarki Sequential Advertising

Every day, app users are exposed to many ads, which makes it harder for advertisers to develop relevant and memorable ads. Telling a story in the form of an ad has proven to be effective, but just as advertisers should know what story to tell their audience, they must also know exactly when to tell it.

This is why sequential advertising is important in telling a relevant and engaging story.

What is sequential advertising?

Sequential advertising, or the process of showing different creative ads by relying on the ad the audience previously saw, establishes a deeper connection between the advertiser and the target audience.

Viewers of the ad go through a sequence of ad ‘experiences’ or ‘chapters’ of an ad’s story across various devices. These chapters are told in an order which depends on the part in the funnel each target audience is at a particular time. It can be used for increasing brand awareness, retargeting, or re-engaging.

For example, to promote an e-commerce app, the sequence of ads can be:

   1. Creating Awareness
A creative ad showing a call to action can be used which will prompt a user to download the app. 

   2. Engagement
After the user downloads, the second sequence can be another creative that will get the user to complete the signup process.

   3. Conversion
Once the user completes the signup process, the advertiser should present to the user the third sequence of ad which will invite the user to view products, add something to their cart, and complete the first purchase.

   4. Retention
The advertiser should not stop engaging with the user after a purchase has been completed. This is the point where the advertiser should ensure consistent delivery of fresh content for user retention to be longer. Further personalization of ads like offering seasonal discounts or curating products for a user can be utilized.

Why try sequential advertising?

This strategy allows advertisers to prevent ad fatigue among users. No matter how impressive a creative ad looks, any user will eventually grow tired of viewing the same ad. Sequential ads also increase user engagement. Exposing app users to sequential ads is like walking them down the conversion funnel, and the chances that they will convert increase as they continue to feel engaged. As a result, an advertiser is able to generate more high lifetime value users who may also be high purchasers.

It works!

A study showed that using the sequential ads strategy increased the view-through rates by 87% and subscriptions by 56%. These large percentages suggest that sequential advertising is a highly effective strategy in keeping users engaged.

Make sure your app continues to be relevant. Engage your users by using the sequential advertising strategy. Remember that as an app’s retention rates increase, acquiring new users becomes easier.

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