Israel. 'StartUp Nation' No More?

Once again, we are participating in one of the biggest mobile conferences in the world. This time, it is taking place in Tel Aviv, Israel, a city easily accessible to attendees from both the East and West. This is a home to some of the biggest names in the mobile gaming industry.  It’s no surprise how this place is rapidly leading it’s way to the forefront of the mobile industry.

ROI. Eliminating Wastes on Ad Spend. 

This year, app developers and marketers have been focusing on ROI. While ROI simply means return-on-investment which measures the profit generated by ads relative to the cost of those ads, the word isn't so easy to understand after all. Maybe some mobile app developers have quickly identified the winning formula to achieving positive ROI campaigns but many others may be struggling to find that formula. Getting people to download your app is a good start, but it is just the beginning. There are several ways app developers can approach user acquisition, but look no further.  We’ll tell you one solution that has been proven effective and successful in achieving ROI campaigns. 

It takes two to tango.

As a technology first company we strongly believe in the power of technology, which is the main reason why we built our own propriety technology, Aarki Encore. Finding the right users at the right time is no secret in programmatic media buying. But do you actually get those users even if you know who and where they are? If not, you are missing the whole point of utilizing this channel.  Creatives play a very significant role in making the users respond and engage to the ad like no other. This is specifically true for any direct response campaigns as app marketers may have difficulty in acquiring users that are actually engaged and genuinely interested in the ad. We can help you get those users through unification of creative optimization and programmatic media buying using Aarki Encore. 

If you want to learn more about this approach, come and listen as our CEO Sid Bhatt shares more insights into how Aarki is able to deliver superior app marketing performance through unified optimization at Casual Connect Tel Aviv on October 20th. If you have any more questions regarding ROI or the unified approach, the Aarki team will be attending Casual Connect Tel Aviv from October 19th to October 21st. To set up a meeting with us, please contact me at


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