Industry Hot Topics, Challenges, Predictions by Sid Bhatt

Photo_Sid_200x200.jpgAarki’s CEO has taken part in the series of interviews featured by MoPub (the leading in-app mobile programmatic exchange, owned by Twitter) and shared his thoughts on hot topics and trends.




What trends do you see in Mobile Programmatic?  

As mobile programmatic continues to mature, we expect a shift toward ROI as the primary KPI for app marketing. Together with this shift, advertisers would be able to gain more information about users in a privacy-friendly way and leverage these insights for user targeting. In terms of ad format, they are likely to turn to native and video ads, which are already growing in popularity due to their effectiveness. Having better targeting capabilities and choosing the most effective ad format would enable advertisers to drive campaign performance toward stronger ROI.

What’s your favorite MoPub product?

MoPub Marketplace – it is the largest real-time bidding (RTB) exchange in the industry and provides access to one of the best quality mobile inventory. The platform is very intuitive, making it easy to maintain control and transparency over the RTB process.

What’s the biggest misconception in the market right now?

Many people have the misconception that more relevant user-targeted ads equate to less privacy for users. This is not always the case. There is a way to deliver relevant ads to users without compromising their privacy. With advanced targeting, advertisers can now gain valuable insights about users and leverage these insights to drive ad relevance without overstepping their bounds.

Crystal ball: what will we be talking about in the next 6-12 months?

In the near future, we should see the rise of rewarded video. More advertisers will talk about it and employ it — because it is proving out to be a strong and effective channel for mobile app marketing. Inventory differentiation is another topic we are likely to be talking about. Advertisers would be able to differentiate inventory through publishers based on campaign objectives, whether they are trying to optimize for app installs or brand awareness.

What’s one thing you wish you could tell mobile app publishers?

User segmentation of supply can be a win-win for both publishers and users. Segmentation will enable better matching of demand to user preferences, creating better user experiences. In turn, publishers should see an increase in demand.

How has Aarki solved mobile programmatic for advertisers using MoPub?

Aarki takes advantage of MoPub’s robust marketplace to find the mobile inventory that best matches our clients’ campaign objectives. The variety and quality of inventory on MoPub allows us to implement media optimization, which enables us to deliver stronger campaign performance no matter what our clients’ KPI.

The future of mobile app advertising will be Programmatic. Aarki is leading the way by developing products that leverage machine learning algorithms to unify creative and media optimization. To learn more about how Aarki can help you with your app marketing, please contact us at


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