India’s Shift Towards Programmatic Advertising


India has grown into one of the world’s largest tech hubs. That growth will continue as tech develops into even more of an economic driver for the country. In concert with this transformation, companies are changing their advertising from traditional to programmatic. With a market of this size, this signals a revolution in marketing—and a massive opportunity.  

Programmatic advertising is making waves globally. Advertisers love it because it streamlines the ad buying process while offering target audiences at scale. Due to its effectiveness, efficiency, and control that it gives mobile marketers, the adoption of programmatic is predicted to grow 52% by next year.

Here are the factors shaping India’s programmatic landscape:

#1 Mobile marketing is the way to go
India has the second largest population in the world. It’s no surprise that the country will have accumulated 451 million mobile internet users by the end of 2019, 43% of whom live in urban environments. Forecasts show there will be 500 million mobile internet users by 2023. 

The increase of 646% in mobile internet users should not be ignored. It’s an opportunity that many advertisers could benefit from, especially with the right strategy in place.

#2 Growth in mobile gaming
Mobile games have become a staple in many smartphone user’s device, and the Indian market isn’t any different. Of all the mobile subscribers, 84% have games on their devices. This notable growth is the result of freemium games and free access. The growth in mobile games is expected to continue maturing at a rate of CAGR 87% until 2020. 

The popularity of mobile games in India skyrocketed because of female gamers who spend 70 minutes per day playing on their mobile devices. Even in-app purchases are seeing an increase with 34% of gamers making purchases – the majority from card and strategy games.

#3 The shift towards programmatic
According to Indian global marketing solutions provider Inmobi, 90% of brands are seeking to run programmatic in-house, even if they only have basic knowledge of how programmatic works. Almost half of Indian advertisers say they have a limited understanding of the programmatic processes

Despite this limited knowledge, 80% of advertisers have seen efficiency gains with programmatic buying. More and more mobile marketers in India are reaping the benefits of programmatic. Seventy-three percent are already seeing benefits from programmatic advertising, and the remaining 27% say they are planning to adopt programmatic soon. 

Transitioning to Programmatic
If basic knowledge of programmatic is preventing you from shifting towards the future success of your brand, here are the two most important steps to get started:

  • Consult with experts

There are many experts in programmatic advertising with deep knowledge who can help you understand what it is and how it works. Aarki is an AI-enabled demand-side platform (DSP) that can help you broaden your understanding. We can help you step-by-step in your journey towards effectively growing your brand.

  • Design the right creative for the right audience

Once you know the process, promoting the right message to your target audience with an effective creative approach is the key to a successful campaign. One strategy is localization, where ads are delivered in local languages. Another effective strategy is incorporating local culture into the ad creative, like an events-based and time sensitive creative promoting festivals like Diwali.

Gaming-Hindi               Diwali Sale

Consumers’ lifestyles are shifting to digital, and India is another country that has started to reap the benefits of programmatic advertising. If you’re new to programmatic, it’s important to choose the right strategy and partners to grow user engagement and elevate your brand. Learn more about programmatic advertising by reading our insights!

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